#1 Son takes our beagle, Molly, to the neighborhood reservoir almost daily. She loves it. She runs, she drinks from it, and at times, she rolls in it. When we moved into the neighborhood 8 years ago, it was just a huge hole in the ground. It’s taken quite a while, but the reservoir now sits calmly in our backyard and offers water to our county and others from its surplus.

The 12th century abbot, St. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote, “If you are wise therefore you will show yourself a reservoir and not a canal. For a canal pours out as fast as it takes in; but a reservoir waits till it is full before it overflows, and so communicates its surplus.”

I have to confess that for a season I have not been a canal nor a reservoir, but simply wading in the kiddie pool of God’s grace. Although faithful to reading, praying, playing, serving, and worshipping, there has been no surplus. To be honest, it hasn’t been enough to get above my ankles. In my blue, plastic, kiddie pool, its typically taken the edge off the heat of life and that’s not abundant living.  I’ve only been stepping in, walking around a bit, and stepping out.

Today, the kiddie pool is set aside. I’ve been jumping into the deep end of the pool of God’s grace daily and there is a surplus of joy to be shared. During the month of January, I have had the time of my life reading only that which is honoring, helpful, and funny. I have eaten only that which is shared with those who love me deeply or make me laugh my head off. I have been reading the New Testament from a Kindle without notes (which really means “without expectations”). I have joined others who fearlessly wear the banner of “Jesus Freak” as we have learned new things through conferences, seminars, books, and podcasts. I have guarded the walls and stopped the leaking. I am so grateful for this season of filling.

“Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.” Psalm 71:17