Sunday was Palm Sunday and with the Choir Cantata, I got an email on Friday asking that there be children at the early service to wave the palms. I only had a few correct emails already in the laptop, so an email was sent to those. Before we knew it we had us some children and a faithful servant offered to pick up breakfast and and we had a lovely time getting to know one another after the Children’s Moment at the early service.

Today was the begining of Holy Week and with the help of the fabulous Mrs. E we had all of the stations, along with card tables, set up and ready to go by 12:30 just as a sweet friend arrived to take me to lunch. This sweet friend and I have been colleagues for many years. It all started when she was serving where I am now, and she is now serving where I was when I first met her. You just never know how God will use the properly connected Body of Christ today and in the years to come. We laughed a lot and my friend agreed to pray for me. This was fabulous especially since she loves the church where I am now serving, she lives across the street, and she knows my heart.

Fantastic Friday/Parent’s Night Out is ready for this Good Friday with activites of preparing Jelly Bean Prayers with candy grass for the local homeless shelter, Resurrection Bingo, Easter Memory Game, and a Scavenger Hunt of items throughout the church that when all the numbers are added together equal 40 – the exact number of days in the Lenten season. I got the memory game and the initial bingo placements from and the rest I came up with on my own. If anyone wants a copy, let me know and I’ll send it as an attachment to an email.

It’s Holy Week, but now that the stations are set and open from now through Sunday morning, it’s VBS planning time.

I watched all the dvds that came with the Pandamania can for dinner theatre tonight. Listening to the music, I almost broke into dance. I really like how they use a lot of sign language in their worship songs. I stopped by Panda Express (picked up some chow mein and mushroom chicken for dinner) and spoke with the dinner manager, so I’m hoping to get a phone call of how they can help us (me and 5 other churches) with items for this summer’s Vacation Bible School. Great timing, too, that we are all helping each other by making decorations that can be shared. I LOVE the connectional system of the United Methodist Church!

So, this week . . . Easter . . . Stations of the Cross . . . VBS . . . Fantastic Friday/Parent’s Night Out . . . Safe Sanctuary updated info and applications . . . tons of emails . . . preparing new Children’s Ministry registration forms . . . preparing applications for Children’s Ministry interns for 5th grade and higher . . . praying through the claiming of scripture and the roll out of a summer of Titus 2 Guests for Children’s Church for ages rising K5-5th grade and Sunday School (now taking suggestions for a name) and maybe a Fitness Camp style of Sunday School for June and July while our regular Sunday School teachers get a chance to take a month of Jubilee.

Lord, I am desperate for your discernment because I am just too excited to think clearly. I think I’ll get a cup of “Get some ZZZZs” tea and go to bed with a notepad beside the bed.