Mother’s Day is supposed to be one of the top 5 attended worship services in the church year. As a Mom of children who are now adults, it’s a precious gift to have your children come to church with you. I so get the draw.

Research also tells us that Father’s Day is one of the low Sundays, along with the Sunday following Easter and Christmas. Sad, but true.

At my home church, Mother’s Day is also Confirmation Sunday. It’s resembles a “Homecoming Sunday” because of the return of mentors and the family of faith that becomes so extended in doing faithful work for the cause of Christ. They come home to celebrate the personal commitment of faith that these students claim on this day. More than 100 students made that claim and began their own intentional walk of faith with the words spoken individually, “Jesus is LORD,” at my home church yesterday and my heart was in my throat.

When a church, led even by a couple of brave and faithful adults, take on a season of intentional “sharing of faith life,” it sparks this proven claim for each child: “I am a part of something bigger than myself that would not be complete without me.” The research tells us that the driving force for people of all ages to actively participate in anything is because we want a place to belong.

When the church surrounds a group of kids with one goal in mind, their and our worlds are rocked. That goal? To equip and prepare a life to take the Creator and Savior as constant companions and His Word as filter in all decisions.

Oh, and know what it feels like, smells like, tastes like, sounds like, looks like to be surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.

Mother’s Day is for those who give physical birth AND for those who offer spiritual birth. For what the church has done for me and mine, could I do no less?