Continuing to read for Advent 2011, I have made a few more discoveries . . .

Women need other women and the older woman should be the initiator.

Titus 2 gives us a great example of the older women sharing life with the younger women. The scripture’s direction is aimed at the older women to teach the younger women.

Mary took the 9 day walk towards Elizabeth, but I think it was because Elizabeth had already been “taking the walk of life” to and with Mary. They must have been very close for Mary to go directly to Elizabeth upon hearing the announcement from the angel Gabriel.

I recall reading an article years ago that claimed there to be a chemical released in a woman’s brain at the onset of an extraordinary situation. This chemical provides the “draw” of one woman to another. We are created for one another especially during the remarkable times in one another’s lives.

Despite what I want to see in the mirror, I have become the older woman. May I be found faithful as I share tea, lunch, breakfast, and life with some precious women whose names are written on my calendar and on my heart.