In 2004, Baby Girl and I partnered to lead a Sunday School of 4th-6th grade girls named The Princesses Of The King Sunday School Class. Princess Diaries was the movie of the day and we used many of the items that were shared in the Hathaway film for the basis of our class. We used diaries weekly and the 10 Commandments for the basis of our curriculum. We went to the movies and had “class” in the lobby.  We signed songs in worship.  We attended a Revolve concert.  Titus 2 Mystery Guests were invited every 6-8 weeks to lead the girls in learning life skills that would grow their faith:

– Mary Kay consultant taught them how to wash their faces with a discussion of their countenance.

– Librarian shared what books were appropriate to “set before your eyes.”

– Grandmother to share the importance of beginning a legacy of faith and practical ways to start that.

– Stamping Ministry Leader to teach how to use the written word to “build each other up.”

– A Personal Shopper to teach what to look for in clothing that would honor them as young women and still be in fashion.  Their mantra:  If my clothing draws attention from my face, it is not modest.

All this is to say that I came across 2 paper bags last week while looking for my copy of an old textbook. In these paper bags were 45 envelopes. All but 2 envelopes were sealed. Every envelope was addressed in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade handwriting.

On September 19, 2004, we led a class on Choices. If I recall, the focus was the importance of each decision we make today MAY have a profound influence on the women we will become. These precious young women, 45 in number on that particular Sunday, each wrote a letter to themselves. They were to list 5 things they would choose today (9/14/2004) they fully intended to keep for themselves from that day forward.  I made a commitment that I would mail these letters to them when they were seniors in high school.

It’s time.

I have watched many of these young women of 9-11 years old in 2004 grow into powerful young women of faith. They serve their local church and many have served in the mission field. Many attended Baby Girl’s wedding the summer of 2010.

The 5 years we were a part of the Princesses of the King Sunday School class set the tone for my confidence in Children’s Ministry.  And provided an intentional movement within my soul for giving youth the opportunity to lead NOW by leading those that are coming up behind them.

Baby Girl was a sophomore in high school when we started the class and she served through her 2nd year at Reinhardt College .  She knew every name of the 65 we had on the roster each year.  She knew every birthday.  She knew every band and she knew every song on the High School Musical soundtrack.  She could engage in a way that I never could.  And it was thrilling to see her grow into her ministry calling right before my very eyes and before the eyes of many young women who spent time in the Princess Class.

I will be mailing these precious letters the day after Christmas.

To God be the glory, GREAT things He has done!