Serving on a local church staff, speaking at training workshops, and working at “all things little people,” I am constantly asked, “What do you read?” These are the blogs I read regularly no matter what else comes into my email inbox and a new fun find:  Route 5:9 offers weekly insight on dealing with conflict within the church and in the world.  Reading this blog can turn my heart and mind on a dime.   Seth Godin’s blog is a daily snippet of thoughts ranging from organizational bullying (awesome stuff on the bully-target cycle), organizational tribes, the way people operate when they have a seat at the table, and communication challenges.  Plus the blogs are very short which I like a lot.   Good stuff by Dale Hudson on effectively sharing Jesus with today’s children and families.  He puts stuff out there that I can use this Sunday.  He shared his list of questions asked of parents at his last parent summit by my sending him an email and he responded that same day.  Accessible and helpful so that we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.  That way I am able to save my limited creativity for other things.    Amy Fenton Lee is an Atlantan who challenges churches to intentionally meet the needs of families of children with differences.  As a long-time preschool teacher, I love how she offers ideas and shares how other local churches across the country are answering the call to share Christ with those who don’t look and act like us. This is especially helpful in offering multi-sensory experiences for little people.   This blog gives ideas of making holy things from junk.  Visual and so much fun.  Great stuff on prayer.   This blog is my new fun find.  It led me to a 21-day Warrior Prayer Challenge for Boys that will kickoff nationally in May and a 31-days of Prayer for Our Daughters ebook downloads.  With WC’s KidMin prayer focus as we “Let the Spirit of God grow in us,” I’m thinking we have ourselves the prayer themes for May and June.

And I can’t say enough good things about Pinterest!  This visual girl now has online bulleint boards and file folders specifically for KidMin that I can draw from at my fingertips instead of digging through boxes.

The friends I follow who blog outside of KidMin interests are Pat Dunbar at  and Lynn Watts at  Both are inspirational, beautiful women of faith who are in the business of writing, sharing, preaching, encouraging, educating.  I just adore them both personally and professionally.

What’s the stuff you read regularly?