Guest blogger today is Christine Reilly Peaden . . .

You know you should go on maternity leave when…
1. It takes you 10 minutes and an inhaler to put your shoes and socks on.
2. When you bend down to pick up something you dropped on the floor and your pants split…twice.
3. When your co-workers greet you with, “Wow! You’re still here?”
4. When you come into a patient’s room who just had surgery and they say, “Man, I feel sorry for you.”
5. When you can no longer fit between the patient’s bed and the bedside table to get to an IV pole.
6. When you can no longer text because you hand goes numb due to pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.
7. When you weigh yourself at 8am and again at 10pm and you’ve gained 10 pounds in the same day.
8. When you no longer shop for style, but find yourself looking at the same outfit as a 75 year old woman because it looks comfortable.
9. When you knock over more than 10 items in an hour because you don’t know where your butt ends and your belly begins.
10. When you crash a woman with a stroller into a restaurant booth because you both thought you could make it through the hallway…you should go on maternity leave.

“Every child begins the world again.”  – Thoreau