Guest blogger today is Christine Reilly Peaden…

Things to say instead to a pregnant woman…
1. Instead of “Man, you look huge!,” say, “That’s a really healthy baby.”
2. Instead of “Why are you still here?” say, “It’s great to see you today. You look radiant!”
3. Instead of “Are those pit stains?” say, “Let me turn down the air conditioning for you.”
4. Instead of “Your face is getting chunkier every day,” say, “Look at that pregnancy glow.”
5. Instead of “Are you having twins?,” say, “Wow! You are all baby.”
6. Instead of “Man, you’re butt is huge,” say, “You are carrying that baby low.”
7. Instead of “Wow! Look at you waddle,” say “Stay still and let me get that for you.”
8. Instead of “I could do a geography lesson on your stomach,” say, “Honey, can I get the stretch mark cream for ya?”
9. Instead of “How much weight have you gained?” say, “You are one of the most adorable pregnant women I have ever seen.”
10. Instead of “You haven’t had that baby yet?” say, “You should just go ahead and start your maternity leave.”