Many years ago I picked up a small paperback from the bookstore entitled, “Spiritual Parenting,” thinking I was getting some keen insight on how to raise my 2 tweeners into godly adults. The book had nothing to do with leading the kids you gave birth to, and everything about being an effective Sunday School teacher, small group leader, influencer of the next generation. Probably one of the most important books I ever randomly picked up.

This week the mailbox has been filled with wonderful graduation announcements. As I open each one, memories flood my mind. Several were in my first preschool classroom. Most shared a beautiful season of attending the “Princess of the King” Sunday School class when they were in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. All have become strong young women of faith and are actively serving the church and the community using their gifts and graces.

In anticipation of the future mothers they will become, I want to honor the Spiritual Mothers who got them and so many where they are today…

First, their Mamas….without the visual and active examples of servant-hood of their own mothers in worship, in leading Vacation Bible School, in making small group mandatory they saw the practice of faithfulness in service to their own children and the children of their community.

Second, their Confirmation Mentors…the investment of a minimum of 3 one-on-one meetings showed these girls that the journey to faithfulness is not always smooth, but blessed when shared with others. Most of these mentors were not spiritual giants in the faith (I’m talking about me here), but they were fully present and had their own Jesus stories to tell.

Third, their Sunday School teachers…those who chose to minister to children Every.Single.Week. Coloring sheet, children’s bible, and box of Goldfish in hand. They fed both mind, body, and spirit of little people and began the foundations of their faith.

Fourth, their Small Group Leaders…These are Spiritual Mothers who opened their homes, opened their lives, opened their hearts to share seasons of uncertainty and celebration Every. Single. Week.

Fifth, Mrs. Kate….for whose far-reaching vision was placed by God to empower these young women to serve, to be fearless, to be forgiven, to try, and to be offered the chance to love on and encourage the next generation coming up behind them.

May we all be found as faithful, as fruitful, and as fulfilled as the Spiritual Mothers who have gone before us all AND may we raise the banner high until the day He call us home.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one.

“Here am I, and the children the LORD has given me.”  Isaiah 8:18