Shoes in bible times were never worn indoors.  So putting on sandals, a piece of leather tied onto the foot, was a sign of readiness for activity.  Acts of kindness…planned and random.

There have some beautiful sandals of kindness seen this summer…

1.  When homegrown tomatoes were dropped off at the church for anyone who wants them

2.  When a fellow KidMin servant brings the gift of drama and her own students to our church to share with our kids how bible stories were meant to come to life

3.  When a Mom who could be sitting by her neighborhood pool chooses instead to spend 3 weeks (yep, 3 weeks!) to share summer camp fun with our kids and the kids of other churches even AT the other churches

4.  When two Dads rush from work every day for 4 days just so they could carpool a small group of energetic and eager tweeners to a Marketplace VBS

5.  When a friend who likes to take pictures comes to our VBS after working all day to take closeups of active kids so we can cover our walls with professional photos of faith in action

6.  When a college student has a faith so great she rearranges her schedule so she can spend a week helping at a  VBS where she only knows me.  Now she knows all our kids and most of our youth!

7.  When a pastor takes a moment out of a busy day to be the voice of God and say, “Noah, Noah, build an ark” in a Bible Drama

8.  When a small group of women cut 300 kites with tails, for VBS decorations to be shared

9.  When a another pastor comes to remind us that we serve a creative God who has placed the gift of creativity within us all with glue, paint, crayons, and stuff

10.  When a ministry mentor comes to teach little people that even face painting can open the door to sharing the gospel and brings an entourage to play

11.  When a precious friend meets me at the car to carry my junk and offers to cover me when I am running late

The sandals of servants, just being kind.

Seen your share of sandals of kindness this summer?

Colossians 3:12 Put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long-suffering.