Attending CPC with ministry best friends is a highlight of my year. The laughter, overwhelming creativity, and sheer awe of what is presented and shared blesses my socks clean off.

Attending the Pre-conference intensive training session the day before the actual CPC begins found me in “More Creative Teaching Ideas” led by John Tasch and Eric Hamp. With great energy and volume, these guys shared wall-post-it-note upon wall-post-it-note of ideas for Creative Games, Class Openers, Themes and Events, Object Lessons, and Attention Getters. Watch out CLUB345 if you see me walking in with frozen t-shirts and wearing my “ties and awful things.”

Sheila Walsh was the first general session leader: “What truth are we to impart to our children and their families?”
1. We have a GREAT God…Paul said, “I am convinced…”
2. We have a REAL enemy…all Satan can do to us is lie and see if we believe it.
3. We are not home yet…we are on a detour

Today we begin going through the CPC Certification CPC Certificaterequirements to address the 5 initiatives that are the filter to providing excellent ministry to little people.  Those 5 initiatives are…

Five Initiative Certificate Program Schedule
Breakout #1 Initiative 1 – Imparting God’s Truth: Steve Adams
Breakout #5 Initiative 2 – Provide a Safe & Relevant Environment: Steve Adams
Breakout #6 Initiative 3 – Communicating with Families: Jonathan Cliff
Review: Panel Lunch Discussion
Breakout #7 Initiative 4 – Networking with a Community of Leaders: Michael Chanley
Review: Breakfast Discussion
Breakout #8 Initiative 5 – Praying for the International Community: Lori Bethran and International Partners
Essay to be turned in prior to the start of Final Session with Certificate Available for pick-up following final session

“People decide to listen within the first 8 seconds…even little people” – John Tasch