Love it when a good book becomes a family movie. Heaven Is For Real opened in theaterHeaven is for Reals across the county the Wednesday of Holy Week. After previewing the movie, I knew it’d make a great ‘late night’ event for our CLUB345 (3-5th graders) and our youth. And I wanted the ‘late night’ to be on Good Friday. And I wanted to share it with another local church, because we are better together.

We have a local Movie Tavern within walking distance who would be showing it. They typicHeaven7ally have private parties on Sundays and during the week, but I was set on Good Friday. I set up a free EventBrite registration event that closed the week before and then waited until the Movie Tavern set up their online registration for our night.  We registered 46 for the movie in the maximum blocks of 6.  We registered for every seat except the front 2 rows for the 6:30pm showing and met in the parking lot at 5:45pm.

We also have a cemetery on our church grounds. Our partnering church came early to enjoy a cemetery scavenger hunt in the rain, then we headed to the theater to meetHeaven4 up with the rest of our students and families.

After watching the 6:30pm showing, we returned to the church to process out loud what we’d seen. We offered water bottles to drink upon our return to the church and had a bible study on Heaven.  The original plan was to walk back, but the rain was pretty fierce.

SeparaHeaven1ting the students into pairs and threes, we answered the following questions with the scripture references and they answered by preparing a poster of what they discovered. We then had a poster party to answer our questions after 30 minutes.

On Sunday, April 17, 2005, I presented this lesson to our Princess Sunday School class (4th-6th grade girls) at my home church. It was my first Sunday back since my Daddy had passed away on April 1, 2005. This helped me begin to heal and it helped the girls know how to help me in my grief as we answered what my Daddy was doing that day in Heaven.

Revelation 2Heaven31:25/22:5 day?night?
John 14:2 Is there room for me?
Romans 8:23/ 2 Corinthians 5:2-3 …look like?
Revelation 7:9 …look like?
1 Corinthians 15:42,44 …what’s there?
Isaiah 29:18 … be like?
Isaiah 25:6 …eat?
Revelation 3:5, 7:9 …wear?
Isaiah 11:6-7 …animals?
Psalm 90:4 …time?
Revelation 5:11 …angels?
Revelation 4:6 …beach?
Revelation 22:2 …plants?
Revelation 22:1 …rivers?
Revelation Heaven621:19-20 …jewelry?
Revelation 21:4 …no more?
Revelation 21:21 …streets?
1 Corinthians 13:12 …questions?
Luke 23:43 …how long to get there?
Psalm 33:13-14 … where?
John 14:1-3 …who takes me?
John 14:6 …how?
John 5:24 …how can I be sure?

We respondeHeaven5d in worship art with a door-sized painting (purchased uncut wooden door from Home Dept for $24 and it was primed before the evening activities.)

Since it was Good Friday, we served our church by moving chairs to a holding area to make it easier for our volunteers to set up the Easter Sunrise service, as well.

“ThereHeaven2 are some things God has kept secret. But there are some things He has let us know. These things belong to us and our children forever.” Deuteronomy 29:29