With a 40 minute commute one way to the office, I can only sing so much. So, if I’m not talking to family on the cell phone headset, I’m listening to podcasts. One  that always challenges me is the EntreLeadership podcast. Professional interviewers take on some of the best names in organizational leadership about every other week.

HowTheWorldSeesYouA few weeks ago, they interviewed Sally Hogshead, author of How The World Sees You. Her new book has a measurement tool to help distinguish the best way to communicate, add value, or fascinate, based on how others see you.

I had taken a Meyers-Briggs evaluation at a QUEST conference and discovered that I am an ENTJ = Extrovert, Intuitive, something else that begins with the letter T, and prone to Judgement. Then I had taken a DISC evaluation when I started consulting for Proactive Ministries and discovered that I was a high I=enthusiastic, optimistic to a fault, talkative, persuasive, impulsive and emotional; naturally trusts others and functions best when around people and working in teams. Yep, I am the one who likes meetings.  ENTJs keep environments positive with their enthusiasm and positive sense of humor. They will go out of their way to keep things light, avoid and negotiate conflict and keep the peace.  And before I can think I’m ‘all that,’ I am prone to NOT be a good listener, may give the impression of waiting to speak instead of truly listening to what someone else is saying and in some cases, gestures and facial features are overly used.  These are how I see myself.  Have mercy!

personalityThis measurement tool, found at howtheworldseesyou.com/you, entering the coupon code entreleadership, could be taken for free as a gift to listeners to the Entreleadership podcast for the sole purpose of finding my best way to communicate, add value, or fascinate.  AND discovering my WORST way to communicate, add value, or fascinate.  This is how others see me.  In her introduction she writes, “On the day you were born, you already knew how to fascinate.  Like breathing and swallowing and smiling, the ability to fascinate is a hardwired survival mechanism.  Fascination is an instinctive form of connection.”   Yet, along the way, there happens situations, people, or circumstances when we choose to become boring instead of fascinating.  As I read further in the book, this is the passage that stopped me in my tracks:  “Your most fascinating traits are your most valuable traits.  Too often, these traits are the first to go in favor of blending in or avoiding criticism.  Yet when you dull your edges, on some level you’re giving up.”  Not being a quitter, I took the Fascination Advantage evaluation.

BoysOnTinCanPhoneOf the possible personality archetypes, I am “The Coordinator.”  The evaluation tells me the world sees me as speaking the language of ALERT (details) and PASSION (relationships).  The coordinator brings a “pragmatic, step-by-step approach to every project; is loyal to the team; detail-oriented, works in an ordered manner, and focuses on deadlines working to avoid unwelcome surprises.  The coordinator prompts deliberate action, exhibits a strong will and determination, and is aware of all facets of a situation.  Being the eternal optomist, the author suggests there be “Innovators” around the tables where I sit, since that is the where I scored the lowest.  Not a problem!

This last week, our staff team participated in a 4 day worship design retreat with the fabulous PuzzlePeopleRev. Dr. Marcie McFee.  On the last day, she presents some ‘tags’ for our team members so that we can hope to achieve some balance in bringing our best to the 85% of our congregation who attends only Sunday morning worship. Her ‘tags’ included …

The Swinger=the one who loves the brainstorming process and moves from one focus to another (we’ve got this one)

The Shaper=the one who loves the details, the organizing, and the gathering of supplies (we’ve got this one)

The Hanger=the one who sits back, doesn’t talk much, but sees the bigger picture (we’ve got this one)

The Thruster=the one who pushes to the deadline, the one who holds the others to remain focused and ‘get-r-done.’ (I AM this one!)

The creativity of our Creator amazes me everyday.  We each have a message.  As believers in Jesus, we have a message of hope, love, and forgiveness.  How we deliver that message has been given to us as a gift from the Creator in our personality.  Being our best selves and communicating in a way that uses our best gifts can give momentum to the message.  Name and claim the gifts and language God has poured out upon you.  I know that I feel alot better now that everyone knows that I know what my language is.  And I am grateful for every team that has allowed me to play.

“You are the guardian of your message…You don’t need to find the light.  You ARE the light.  When you let your personality shine, you can light up the world.” – from How The World Sees You by Sally Hogshead