scrabbleWords have power. A spoken word can empower, tear down, and even change the trajectory of one’s life. When an uncle teased me for having big lips and a teacher told me I had a great voice for teaching, both gave fuel for accomplishment and problem solving. A written word can heal a deep wound or wack your legs out from under you.

I typically choose a scripture for the year, but I’ll be choosing a word for 2016 instead. There are many scriptures that align with the word and I just didn’t feel the pull to rest on only one.  With the word comes a visual for me. I am visual by nature and a tool makes for greater reinforcement and, dare I say it, play. It makes me smile.

In my husband’s work, his supervisor and peer team communicate best by conference call. When a celebration takes place, they each ring a call bell. Hearing it go off several times a few years ago, I thought, “What a great way to celebrate and praise the Lord!”  The ‘glory bell’ was born.

bell hotel-serviceIt sits in the kitchen, the central part of our southern home. When we pass a test? DING! When we get ‘that’ phone call? DING! When we have enough change saved in the jar to eat out?” DING! When I get flowers from #1 Son ‘just because’? DING! When I get a ‘good news’ text? DING! When I want to praise the Lord and give Him the glory? DING! When I want to AMEN a statement made by family, friends, neighbors, house guests? DING! When I hear that Baby Girl slept through the night because her little people are well? DING!

I just purchased beaucoup call bells from Staples online. I am able to pick them up in an hour and use a 20% online coupon this week. There’ll be some glory bells going out in the mail in the next few weeks with other prayer prompters to several young women I love. They helped me hear, see, feel, taste, and even smell my word for 2016: GLORY!

What is your word for 2016?

Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. 1 Chronicles 16:10