professionalOrganizationsThis I know: I can’t do everything. I can’t come up with every new idea. I can’t be my own teacher. I can’t glean all I need to be successful in my call into ministry from a facebook page or a blog. I can’t be all things to all people and to myself.  I want to continue to grow in my field, I want to offer my best to the Lord who gave His best for me, and I can’t do it alone. Here are my 10 reasons for joining a professional organization:

10. Best Practices – Around a table, I can join the conversation of what is acceptable in my industry when it comes to budgets, conflict, social media, call to professional ministry, and Safe Sanctuary, to name just a few.

9. Updates on Policies and Legislation – I’d like to go back to the time when peanut allergies were a children’s ministry director’s greatest concern. With mandated reporting requirements and age level cutoffs, we need to be in the know in our county, state, and denomination.

8. Industry Trends – We can offer insight to how our industry works, industry trends of what’s to come, and hear and tell the stories of how to deal.

7. Jobs – We’d like to think we are where we will retire. Experience tells us differently because the one thing we can depend upon is change. A professional organization will offer references, job postings of what and where is it healthy and where it is not.

6. Mentoring – To grow in our profession in vision, in personal boundaries, and in professional kindnesses, mentoring up and mentoring back is essential. Who is speaking truth of your calling into your life? Who’s life are you speaking truth into?

5. Security & Trust – A professional organization will offer a sense of security and trust as you support and help one another set and meet your professional goals. You’ve got goals, right? This is where you can be equipped to cross the line of surviving to thriving in your call into professional ministry.

4. Share – This is the best place to share ideas, ask advice, offer stories and testimonies, meet and brainstorm with others. This is especially where we can give back and receive. If you think you’ve arrived and don’t need any new ideas, you may be someone else’s answer to prayer just by your presence or sharing your testimony. This community of sharing conveys you are committed to your career field and shows your desire to learn and improve and your desire to help others do the same.

3. Make a New Friend – ’nuff said.

2. Strength in Numbers – A professional organization will offer an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done. This is when you can glean from all kinds of learning styles and personalities.

1.Team Who Rally For Your Success – Everyone needs a team of cheerleaders. Everyone needs a laugh, a shot of encouragement, and a community of fellow Jesus followers who are travailing the same journey.

Are you a part of a professional organization? Can you afford not to be?

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20