WinterBallBFFI love my kidmin colleagues. My kidmin colleagues are more like close friends and family. We share a passion in making Jesus real to little people and offering easy wins equipping their parents to do the same. We take on a Target after-Halloween sale like crazy people for discounted costumes. We creatively make water and condiments and fruit rollups into holy elements. We submit to the pastoral and laity leadership authority over us. We could each write a book on the 100 uses of pool noodles just off the tops of our heads.

This morning five of us will rendezvous at a Starbucks at 7am to carpool to a challenge prepared to help us connect to an even greater gathering of resources and relationships intentionally prepared to move each of us to the next level.  Many of us will have already connected through social media, but now get a face to face. I couldn’t be more elated to spend time with those who have encouraged me, hoped for me, laughed with me, shared losses and gains with me, and even sent gracious emails and messages to me over the last week since the sudden passing of my mother-in-law.  Yep, I love my kidmin colleagues.

Several of us who’ve been doing ministry with children for a while have been invited to be a mentor to a small group for the next six months.  I have some idea of what will be in store for us today, but most will be a surprise.

This I know: We are better together.  Starting out: We are better together. Celebrating professional gains: We are better together. Enduring professional challenges: We are better together.  Persevering through the personal while fulfilling the professional: We are better together.

This is my first social gathering since my family lost our matriarch just ten short days ago. I can’t focus for long periods of time yet. The memorial service isn’t until next week. My heart is aching and the tears still come out of nowhere.  But as my personal and professional BFF texted, “A little laughter as we travel together will be good for your soul.” Yep, we are better together.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1