playmobil-451203_960_720I love Vacation Bible School for a whole host of reasons: training youth, sharing the gospel with little people, dancing before the Lord, and having amazing conversations with folks. You know those wonderful conversations with folks who probably don’t need new friends, but I want to be friends with.

  • Conversations with those who might attend a different service.
  • Conversations with those who I can’t get to know from a handshake and a ‘peace be with you’ before the Children’s Moment on Sunday mornings.
  • Conversations with young people who see VBS as training and take instruction without offense.
  • Conversations with little people who want access to me so I can tell each one he/she belongs here.
  • Conversations with fifth graders who are invited to watch and learn everyone they meet this week so they know who’s job they want next year if they want to serve.

This is better than a survey.

From the conversations that took place this year…

  • I discovered who is on the hospitality committee for the local neighborhoods.
  • I discovered new families are moving in with younger and younger little people… we’re talking about planning a preschool club to get those relationships started.
  • I discovered there will be a Cotillion offered for local 5th graders and since it’s happening in October, I can schedule accordingly.
  • I discovered my 5th grade boys are already telling me what jobs they want next year in VBS leadership.
  • I discovered our high school seniors were handing over the reins to their younger counterparts for a smooth baton hand-off for next year.
  • I discovered our middle school girls can change the roadside sign in no time.
  • I discovered our kids preferred fresh fruit for snacks.
  • I discovered our kids are inviting other kids to come and see about Jesus and church.
  • I discovered Friday nights are better nights for specials for elementary kiddos for when we start a new life skills series for children’s ministry outreach in 2017 called “Wesley Chapel Academy”.
  • I discovered even folks who attend the traditional service want to, and do, dance before the Lord ‘in the Sanctuary.’
  • I discovered who lost their jobs over the last several weeks and who got new ones.
  • I discovered there are already calendars out there for 2016-2017 with dates for local organizations and I asked for copies so as not to overwhelm my families with the church calendar.
  • I discovered who has been thinking about serving on the CLUB345 Team for next year.
  • I discovered our theme for the Bible Late Night this year will be “American Ninja Warrior: Wesley Chapel style” in August and started talking with the graduating youth of how to pull it off…with their help.

What VBS conversations did you have this year? What are you going to do about it?

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted.” Isaiah 12:4