There is something really special about being invited to join the launch team for books written and published by friends and colleagues. When it’s a children’s book (my favorite people)…from the bible (my favorite book)….about chicks in the bible (my bucket list for tea times when I enter the pearly gates)….well, I just put on the tea pot and pull out my favorite cup and saucer, ready to enjoy a treat.

Glenys Nellist, an English gal engaged in fabulous ministry in Michigan, is a grandmother, a mom to four young men, and Coordinator of Children’s Ministry for the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church. Oh, and she writes poetry for little people wired for story and rhyme. Because of her deep passion for bringing the Bible to life for little people, I have copies of all her books on my shelf, on my bedside, and in my grandkids’ box of books. I have given multiple copies of her books as gifts to mamas who seek to be the spiritual champions for their littles because each one is filled with biblical truth, lovely rhyming text, and some have delightful lift-the-flaps with love letters from God, our Creator. The beautiful illustrations by Rachel Clowes from her Love Letter series have a gravity all their own and are utterly gorgeous. My daughter and I just gave copies of her Snuggle Times Prayers and Snuggle Times Psalms to my daughter-in-law who is expecting her first little one next month.

Glenys has added to her series of “Love Letters From God” a new book “Love Letters From God: Bible Stories For A Girl’s Heart.” As Glenys writes each girl’s story in kid-friendly language, she uses adjectives that could describe children of all ages and all stages: the first girl, the brave girl, the thirsty girl, and the generous girl. She includes a few you’d expect: Hannah, Esther, and Martha. I was thrilled she also included Eve (one who makes mistakes), Naaman’s servant girl (what’s a little girl’s book without the story of a little girl), and Rahab (one of the bravest women in the book.)

From Rahab: The Brave Girl from Joshua 2, “Rahab wanted to know a God like that. If he could take care of his people in such a wonderful way, maybe he would take care of her, too. Rahab was ready for a new start. She had made some bad choices. Was it too late for her to change, or could this God save her?” The lift-the-flap love letter  addressed to “Dear _____” reads at the end, “How amazing that Jesus would come from Rahab’s own family! But that’s what happens when you are brave and choose to follow me. I will take care of you in the most wonderful and amazing ways. Your caring friend, God.”

I’ve been thinking of a princess tea with my girls for next spring. This book will be part of the planning. This book will be part of my storytelling in Vacation Bible School this year since we’re covering Rahab and the Resurrection of Jesus. This book won’t stay on my shelf long. I probably ought to go ahead and order a box of copies. Love Letters From God: Bible Stories For A Girl’s Heart is a precious gift indeed.

“You are in my hand.” – Jeremiah 18:6 as noted from the pages 18-19 of “Love Letters From God: Bible Stories For A Girl’s Heart”