In preparing for a Children’s Ministry Stakeholder’s Meeting, I asked a 2nd grader what were her favorite parts of church over the last year. Her response surprised me. She replied, “When we read aloud books.” There are many more flashy things we do, but she shared immediately how we end our time in Children’s Church most Sundays. So when I heard Glenys Nellist had written two new rhyming books focused on mommies and daddies, I picked up several copies right away and she didn’t disappoint.

Published by Zonderkidz, these two irresistible padded-covered board books are a MUST for any child’s and children’s ministry library. In celebration of Father’s Day, I’ll focus this review of God Made Daddy Special. With a lilting rhythm, children will hear of the precious characteristics of a polar bear, skunk (my personal favorite because it is laugh-out-loud funny), giraffe, octopus, lion, flamingo, bat, and elephant. The last pages elaborate on human Daddies. I LOVE books that share the laughter, playfulness, joy, strength, and humor of daddies with their kids. Even a pre-teen enjoys hearing the reminders that their dads are amazing creations of God and ‘a precious gift to me.’

Both books are illustrated by Estelle Corke, who uses traditional paints and watercolors making every parent-animal an absolute visual delight. The images and even the print was intentional: The heart-shaped ‘O’ on the cover of God Made Mommy Special is the publisher’s response to Glenys being from England. In England, they don’t call Moms ‘Mom’, but rather ‘Mum’ making the marketing on both sides of the ocean relative.

Glenys is indeed an accomplished author of children’s books pointing families to the Lord. Might there be something on the horizon about Grandmothers and Grandfathers? This Mimi would be thrilled. Stay tuned!

Want to get BOTH books for your library for free? Comment below with what you’ve planned to do for your Dads and their kids in your ministry with children. We’ll be enjoying donuts with Dad in the Children’s Welcome Center. This pair of books are perfect for a preschool classroom, too. You must be over 18 years old and have a US street address. The giveaway ends on Tuesday, June 12. I’ll announce the winner on that day. Thanks, Glenys! Thanks, Zonderkidz!

To connect with Author Glenys Nellist, find her across various social media @GlenysNellist and visit her website. To connect with Illustrator Estelle Corke, check out her Facebook page.

“Every good and perfect gift is from God.” James 1:17