Heather and Rev. Ken Hagler have done an amazing job of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the young and the young-at-heart. In their new book No Prep. No Prop. Children’s Sermons: Sermons for People Passionate About Telling Kids About Jesus in a Hurried World, they offer a tool that won’t rest on a shelf. I’ve got a stack of books filled with object lessons and children’s sermons. This one is different. It requires only the best objects necessary to tell children about our wonderful Jesus: You and Jesus.

Heather opens the book with a letter to the reader:
Our hectic pace of life has reached every part of society, including the church. Pastor and church staff are expected to do more in less time. With volunteerism down and congregational expectations on the rise, everyone involved in spreading the Gospel needs help.

Can I get an Amen?!

Anyone who has served in a local church for any length of time knows you need short and sticky sermons in your back pocket. This resource gives you fifty-two which will do just that in 110 short pages. Nine lessons are from the Old Testament and twenty-eight from the New Testament. Like a sweet surprise, the book ends with fifteen lessons to make that special holiday sticky and bring us right back to Jesus.

As I’ve read this great resource and used many of her illustrations I KNOW she’s served in the trenches of the local church as a champion for ministry with children. In fact, Heather served as a day camp leader, VBS coordinator, Sunday school teacher and children’s church leader, and she married a church planter helping others to organize and plan their children’s ministry. These lessons reflect their experiences and their passion for sharing the gospel.

Heather wanted more than anything to share her gift of story telling and love of Jesus with kids and churches.  She wanted to help anyone in ministry with kids to share the Gospel because Jesus meant more to her than anything. – Rev. Ken Hagler, aka Jedi Pastor Ken

I’ve ordered multiple copies of this book which released just yesterday as the #1 New Release in Christian Ministry on Amazon for colleagues and those who volunteer to present the weekly Children’s Moment in my absence. I’m telling you…this book is a gift. Thank you, Pastor Ken for your tenacity to get Heather’s heart and voice into the hands of the local church through No Prep. No Prop. Speaking of gift: today you can download the Kindle version for free.

“Love never ends.” 1 Corinthians 13:4:8a