As we close out a year, thank you….thank you…thank you.

You don’t hear it enough and I want you to hear it…read it…outloud…often.

With a grateful heart, thank you for wearing your cape so little people can learn to wear theirs.

Thank you for starting things and stopping things.

Thank you for inviting others to use their gifts in your church family as God’s answer to your prayers for ‘more’.

Thank you for taking out the trash, cleaning out the refrigerator, shopping until you drop, climbing ladders, and driving all over creation to find that special something to make your kid’s event so much more.

Thank you for staying close to the Savior so your littles can smell Him, hear Him, see Him, taste Him, feel Him when they come close.

Thank you for living with open arms, open hearts, open hands to share…sharing your resources, your gifts, your graces, your kids, your space, and your dreams with others outside your own church to be an encouragement, a resource, a coach, an answer to their prayers.

Thank you for arriving early, staying late, and engaging in one more conversation so you are fully present to those you serve.

Thank you for speaking up for ministry with children and families at every table, every gathering, every meal, every meeting.  You know, having that story ready to let your leadership know that their investment in resources and space and people are making a world of difference.

Thank you for using your voice, your influence, your smile, your joy to attract and point people to Jesus.

Thank you for crying out to the Lord on behalf of the least, the last, and the lost He sets before you.

Thank you to the saints and champions who have led Sunday school, gathered Sunday school supplies, made bulletin boards, secured food and costumes, drove the buses, texted and emailed and communicated often and promptly, shopped at Home Depot and through Amazon, played games, sat for pictures, filled and hid Easter eggs, played Gaga Ball, led small groups, gave testimony about missions to the littles, shared space graciously, prepared lessons in advance, gave resources, hugged and held, prayed, agreed and committed to give your life to serving and loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength in ministry to children and their families.

You rocked last year. You really did! Let’s dust ourselves off. Shine ourselves up with the love and word of God. We’re just getting started and a new year offers a whole lot of opportunities for which you have been called to take the point. Thank you for sharing the journey.