We serve a God of celebration. One of the first things God did when he led His people out of Egyptian slavery and into the Promised Land was give them days and times of celebration. Times to stop the ‘every day’ or UR (usual routine) to celebrate God’s goodness, to launch into a new season, get a do-over, and even refresh for the next season.

Promotion Sunday is a great way to celebrate the end of the summer and acknowledge the natural rhythm of your community when school starts. It builds energy as you invite your families to gather at church. We celebrate Promotion Sunday on the Sunday after the local school system begins. On Promotion Sunday our team of servant leaders prepare themselves to teach and lead, and our children move up to the next age-level with fanfare. It’s a big deal! A theme helps that. We are inviting families to STEP UP TO THE PLATE on Promotion Sunday 2019.

Marketing information:
• McEachern Kids is ready to STEP UP TO THE PLATE. Come on by The Treehouse as we are ready to help you and your family start the school year and knock it out of the park!
• Promotion Sunday will be on Sunday, August 4 when McEachern Kids will move up to their new classes and meet their new teachers. Wear your Braves gear as we all STEP UP TO THE PLATE to follow Jesus! Come to the Pep-Rally in The Treehouse to meet your new teachers and be escorted to your new classrooms.

Our creative team has prepared a photo space and we’ve ordered foam fingers and pompoms for the children to help with the visual aspect of the festivities for the pep rally. We’ll have huge bowls of Cracker Jacks and mini Tootsie Pops to hand out for take-aways. The youth department is selling tickets to the Atlanta Braves game at 1:20pm that day after church. The adult Christian education department will be setting up displays of ‘next step’ opportunities in discipleship as they, too, STEP UP TO THE PLATE.

Every child will get an information packet which will include a family survey, registration form to update information, a new school-year ParentCalendar (2019-20) with all the dates of anything outside of Sunday morning, and a layout for what is the next step in discipleship for each age level. We want to keep our families informed of what is offered for their child at each stage of their development. It shows our intentionality and gives them a heads-up on what their church has chosen to be the priority and investment in our partnership to love their kids to Jesus.

Rising 1st Graders

Rising 2nd Graders

Rising 3rd Graders

Rising 4th Graders

Rising 5th Graders

How do you celebrate this milestone of a new school year?

“If God is clear about one thing, it’s this: What is good, true, right, and just will last. Everything else won’t.” Maria Goff from Love Lives Here: Finding What You Need in a World Telling You What You Want, pg 166