Reading aloud books to our Kindergartners and First graders each week in Children’s Church is a highlight of my week. I choose a book that goes along with our Sunday school lesson or theme for the day or season and the kids just love it. It’s a great way to close out our time together just before parent pickup.

When I discovered my children’s ministry colleague, Glenys Nellist, wrote two new board books, I was thrilled! Glenys makes a rhyme jump off the page with joy, whimsy, and delight as she points each story to our great God as our Creator and the good news of Jesus. With a toddler grandson making frequent visits, board books are where it’s at. The new board books are the newest in the Good News series which started with Good News: It’s Easter.

In last week’s Children’s Church we read Good News: God Made Me! The illustrations by the fabulous Lizzie Walkley show colorful spaces full of fabulous items to point to as a toddler learns vocabulary. On the first page is a book, ball, fruit bowl, wagon, bear, bunny, dog, doll, pillow, stools, and a cheerful grandmother. I know it’s a grandmother since it says so on her mug. (smile) I’m partial to children who are barefoot and have different hair types and hair colors and these are delightful. “The good news is that God made me”… finishes every other page. The rhyming is so simple, the children finished almost every line which kept them totally engaged.

The second book couldn’t be more timely entitled, Good News! It’s Christmas! Each page begins, “Good News!” then ‘whispered Mary,’ ‘hee-haws Donkey,’ ‘coos the pigeons,’ and even ‘sing the angels.’ But my very favorite page is the one with the wise men. I struggle when children’s books show the wise men arriving at the stable. This book instead reads, “Good News! shout the wise men, trekking mile by mile. ‘We’re off to see the new king, but it might take a while!’” According to the scriptures, it does indeed. I’m saving this one for the first Sunday in Advent.

The board books are super thick, delightfully illustrated, and the stories are simply rhymed. I am honored to have them on my shelf. No doubt I’ll be purchasing another set for that special grandson’s home because he LOVES them! Thanks, Glenys!

“Good News! Says God to us, smiling from above. ‘This baby in the manger will fill your world with love!’” – Glenys Nellist