We were made for ministry in this COVID-19 season. No, really! Even in the challenges, the quick-change of seasonal celebrations, the lack of certainty, the children’s ministry community has been rocking it. What would have taken a 90-day committee to pull off, we are finding lots of creativity, lots of grace, little expectation for perfection, and just doing stuff to keep ours and other’s eyes on Jesus. You are leading, learning, looking, laughing, and making ministry happen. I see you and you are rocking it!

“Flexibility is the new superpower.” – Carey Nieuwhof

On the flip-side, not everyone in professional ministry is thriving. Some are frozen, silent, missing-in-inaction. Some are overwhelmed with any task, lonely, and waiting for someone, anyone, to offer direction. Some are spending more time with the refrigerator, the news, and Netflix than they think. Some are overwhelmed with what others are doing. Some are disappointed because we are not being checked on, not included in conversations, not being communicated with at all. Take a breath. Take a really deep breath.

The things that are the most important are not uncertain: relationships, family, Jesus. 

As the local church we were made for such a time as this. We are in the business of pointing everyone to Jesus. We are not in the business of event-planning nor only information-sharing. We are in the business of offering hope, confidence, a non-anxious presence (the operative word being ‘presence’) for the four populations we serve: kids, parents/grands, servant leaders/volunteers, and for some of us, paid staff.

Serving these four populations and keeping our eyes on Jesus, the ICE framework helps:
I = Impact – What will have the greatest impact? Low-hanging fruitfulness? Easy wins? Then, do or be that.
C = Confidence – What do I have the greatest confidence I can do well? Know that those who love you are not interested in perfection, but you. What are you known for? What has not come naturally to me, I’ve watched others do well on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube with a willingness to try anything. Then, do or be that.
E = Experience – What do you have the greatest experience to do with the logistics already figured out; the relationships already figured out; the ease of who you are? What’s been your experience as the most important opportunities for life-long faith formation? Who is doing something you think you could try and reach out to? Then, do or be that.

My greatest challenge has been in a daily schedule, so a block schedule has helped me stay within some boundaries: 7-10am, 10am-1pm, 1-4pm, 4-7pm, 7-10pm.

You already have things in your backpack to not just persevere, but shine. The way we get through a crisis is together. Reach out to one another for logistics. Be the hope, the confidence, the non-anxious presence, but be fully present. When you look back on this season, what kind of Christian leader do you wish to be in the midst of it? If every church leader was just like you, what will the Kingdom of God here on earth look like when we are on the other side of this? Then, do or be that. 

You were made for this!

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Psalm 27:13