I’ve gotten lots of phone calls for the logistics of the Drive-in services, so I thought I’d share. Here are five of the service plans which have guided some of the drive-in services for kids with adults in the car.

Parameters: 6pm – 1st grade & younger; 7pm – 2nd & 3rd grades; 8pm-4th & 5th grades
20-30 minutes in length

Bible Story: God helps Daniel eat wisely, Daniel 1
Bible Point: God is wise…so we make wise choices; It’s all about food. In life we will face many tough decisions, but as long as we have been reading the Bible and practicing what God wants us to do, God’s wisdom will guide us in those decisions.
Loop Music for Sunday School and VBS music which will have familiar lyrics for adults and are ones our kids already know with upbeat tempos and less than 2.5 minutes long each. And some are just fun!
God is Always with Us
I Was Made For This
Praise Him
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
Feels Good
Can’t Stop the Feeling
Transition to start: Take Me To Church
Pre-service Hospitality: Have music playing as cars arrive. Have volunteers wearing chef’s hats and aprons welcoming everyone waving and making noise with pots, pans, spoons, from church kitchen, etc.. High energy!
Arrival & Gives
-Registration form for paper airplanes; list of sticky situations for Bible lesson; balloon w/scripture Daniel 1; Each kid gets a bag #1 and a bag #2 for later; list of wise/unwise scenarios for parents to discuss with kids later.
Welcome & introduce yourself and tell a story about your family.
Hi, my name is _______________ and welcome to Drive-in Church!
Please fill out the registration form and fold it into the best paper airplane you can make and we’ll give you a target for it at the end of the service along with some popcorn today to thank you for popping in. But first,

Super Silly Cooking Demonstration – Have a “Chef” come out to open up the evening by doing a mini-version of “Chopped” the television show. The theme: Pizza (**note: this does not have to be done with pizza…it could be popcorn, dessert, or whatever else we want to do – pizza is just an example here). We ask him to open his basket of secret ingredients, and it is filled with gross things (coffee grinds, dirt, rocks, leaves, anchovies…things like that). Everything he pulls out, he gets very excited about and goes on and on about what a wonderful pizza he can make (ignoring the displeasure of the audience). He quickly makes the “pizza” (lots of drama, laughs and fun describing it as he makes it), and we ask for volunteers from the audience to try his creation and offer a critique. Of course, no one volunteers….Ask them why not? What do they see and why do they think it’s yucky?
Discuss how this relates to the nasty stuff we sometimes put into our bodies – too much junk food, unclean music, no exercise, T.V. shows, movies, video games. Who has heard the phrase you are what you eat? This is the truth – what we put into our bodies – both food and entertainment – matters. It determines the type of person we become. The solution – putting good stuff in.

Ok, so let’s try this again. If you were making a pizza, what would you want in your basket of secret ingredients?? Talk about how much better it is to fill ourselves with good things – God’s Word, healthy food, clean music, movies, etc.

So today’s lesson is about a man named Daniel, and a tough decision he had to make when he was hand selected to work for the King. One of his tough choices was centered around FOOD…was he going to eat the food offered to him by the King, or would he stick to the food he was supposed to eat in accordance with God’s direction…stay tuned to see what Daniel did!

Game: Let’s Make A Deal
Say: In today’s Bible story we saw how God helped Daniel make wise choices about food. We have a lot of decisions to make each day; sometimes it’s easy to make wise choices, and sometimes the wise choice isn’t so clear.
Let’s play a game that’s all about wise choices.
• Each kid gets 2 bags (bag #1 & bag #2)
• Families discuss how each kid will decide which bag they’ll choose.
• You can shake them, smell them, see them, but not open them. Explain that kids won’t get to look in the bags first to see what’s in them; they’ll have to decide if they want to risk giving up one for something that might be in the other.
• Allow a few minutes for teams to discuss their decision.
• Ask teams to raise their hands when they’ve decided..
• Allow the teams who chose to take the bags to open them.
• Let kids know they get to keep the other bag, too….this time. .
Talk About It/Car Chat
Ask: Why do you think you did or didn’t make a wise choice?
Say: The decisions in our game were fun and not too serious, but many times in life we have some very important decisions to make.
Ask: • What’s a big decision you’ve had to make? Have kids talk to their parents.
Say: When we have important decisions to make, it’s nice to have someone to talk to about it to get some advice. We might talk to parents, grandparents, teachers, wise friends, and wise family members. We can also talk to God. God is wise, so he’s the best one to go to when we need wisdom.
Song/Music: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (teach the signs, then play the song.)
Bible reading/Storytime/Message: Eat a Healthy Snack
Show kids the cupcakes or cookies and the carrots.
Ask: • Which of these snacks would you rather eat?
Say: In our Bible story today, Daniel and some friends had to choose what they were going to eat. Daniel’s country had been overtaken by another country, and Daniel and his friends were taken to work for the king of the other country. They lived in the palace for a few years to train before going to work for the king.
The king served food that probably looked and tasted really yummy, like our desserts. But Daniel and his friends wanted to eat only vegetables.
Talk and Walk through Daniel 1:8; 1:9-10;
Say: This was a matter of life or death! If Daniel handled this wrong, the king could get mad and people could die. But Daniel didn’t want to disobey God, either.
Ask: What do you think Daniel could do? Have kids share in their cars.
Say: Before we find out the wise solution God gave Daniel, let’s think about situations kids today might face.
We’ll play a game we will call wise or unwise. Mom/Dad will lead this one from the car. Mom/Day, you take it from here. Use a thumbs up for wise and thumbs down for not wise. Y’all take it from here! (list of sticky situations)
Say: Great wise thinking! Daniel’s situation was a tough one; the king was telling him to do something that was wrong. But if he just stopped doing it, the king’s adviser could be killed. Maybe even Daniel and his friends could be killed! But God is wise, and he helped Daniel and his friends make a wise choice in solving Daniel’s problem. Here’s what they did.
Walk through and read Daniel 1:11-16.
Ask: • Why was this solution a wise one? Car Chat
Say: Daniel and his friends trusted that God would keep them healthy when they stopped eating the food the king served, and they knew they wouldn’t look sick or weak after 10 days. But putting a time limit on how long they’d eat only vegetables helped the guard in charge of Daniel and his friends feel better. He knew that if they didn’t look healthy, Daniel and his friends would agree to eat the king’s food.
Say: Making wise choices isn’t something we can always do well on our own; wisdom comes from God. God is wise, so we make wise choices. Listen to what the Bible says about the wisdom of Daniel and his friends.
Read Daniel 1:17-20
Say: Daniel and his friends had wisdom because they spent time with God. They knew eating the king’s food was against God’s wishes because they knew God’s plan for wise living.
God gives us wisdom when we spend time with him, pray, and spend time with wise people. The Bible gives us lots of examples of wise people (Daniel) and not so wise people.
It’s kind of like training our bodies. If you want strong arms, you train them by doing push-ups. Have each child do five push-ups.
Say: If you want strong abs, you train them by doing sit-ups. Have each child do five sit-ups.
Say: If you want strong legs, you train them by doing squats. Have each child do five squats.
Say: The more you do those kinds of exercises, the stronger your muscles will get. Then your muscles will be trained to do hard things, so when you really need them to work hard, they’re ready.
If we want to be spiritually strong, we can train by spending time with God and reading the Bible. Then when we need to use our wisdom muscles to handle a tough situation, we’ll be ready since we’ve been letting God fill us with his wisdom! God is wise, so we make wise choices.
Prayer: Try this simple prayer below, especially useful for the kinesthetic learner.
(3 deep breaths) God, you love doing God things!
God, you are above (reach toward the sky), below (touch your toes), inside (hands to heart) and all around (big arm circles).
I worship you (reach toward the sky), and give my life to you (touch your toes).
And I love you (hands to heart) with all that I am (big arm circles).
(3 deep breaths)God, you love doing God things!
Leaving activity; offering; registration form; GIVE AWAY popcorn saying, “Thanks for popping in!”
Exit song: https://vimeo.com/showcase/4261476/video/191691866 I Have Decided to Follow JesusI

Bible Story: Jesus calls Matthew to be His friend
Theme: Jesus is our friend, so we’re good friends to others; Toy Story
Music to Loop:
God is Always with Us
Praise Him
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
Can’t Stop the Feeling
In The Sanctuary
The Power Shuffle
You’ve Got A Friend In Me
Transition to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eTOcrWu8mQ Take Me To Church
Pre-service Hospitality: Each kid/car gets balloon w/scripture to pop at Bible story time; registration form.
Welcome: Introduce self and ask ice breaker: Name as many famous ‘pairs’ or ‘two things which go together’ as you can in one minute. Examples: Salt and Pepper, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Buzz and Woody
Dance Party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V9tv9gjbWY In the Sanctuary
Game: Sword Drill – As children hold Bibles closed with hands on covers, state the Bible reference twice, then on the command “SEARCH!” have the students race to locate the verse. Once they have a finger on the verse, they can honk their horn and call out, “FOUND IT!” Once everyone has found it, read the verse aloud and talk about what the Bible says about friends…keep the comments brief and to the point of the lesson. Potential verses include:
• Proverbs 27:17 Friends sharpen each other.
• Proverbs 27:6 Friends help each other, even when it’s hard.
• Ecclesiastes 4:10 Friends help each other in tough times.
Invite kids to pop their balloons to find out where we’re going in the Bible.
Bible Lesson: Matthew 9:9
Storytime/Message: Story of Forky in Toy Story 4
Prayer: God your love is bigger than I can imagine. stretch arms high
God, your love wraps around the world. stretch arms wise
God, your love is here in my heart. bring hands close to heart
God, create in me Your way to keep my eyes on Jesus. place fingers on eyes
And my eyes out for other people. point fingers away from self. (Thanks, Christine Hides!)
Leaving activity/take away: Cake & Ice Cream July 4th Celebration! Blue cake mix & Ice Cream; Sandwich take-away; Forky DIY kit. Like an ice cream truck but with individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches in vanilla or chocolate.

Bible Story: Jesus heals a deformed hand on the Sabbath
Theme: Jesus is BOLD – he goes against the grain; Christmas in July! Jesus goes against the grain, so we can too – we can celebrate Jesus’ birth and the gift of his presence in our lives ANY time we want!
Pre-service Hospitality: Each kid/car gets plastic spoon, jingle bell, length of mermaid fabric, balloon with scripture location to pop at Bible story time; registration form.
Music to Loop
Transition to start: Take Me To Church
Welcome: Introduce self and set up Christmas in July.
Opening monologue to set up Christmas in July:
Hello again! You know, I have lately seen something that frustrates me…the stores are full of Halloween supplies! Can you believe that? (pull out a pumpkin or other seasonal decoration)
Look at this? It is still July! We’re just barely starting summer! The weather is still super hot! It’s not time to think about all of this. You know, I’ve even seen pumpkin spice in some stores! Next they’ll be selling Christmas ornaments, for crying out loud! This is absurd! (Hold up calendar)
See? NOT time for those seasonal things. Oh, but…I will say one thing I approve of: CANDY CORN (Hold up bag of fall themed candy corn). This is okay. This we can have around, even in August. Why, you might ask? Well….I mean, I like candy corn. So…that I approve of.
Does this seem strange? Probably. And it probably seems a little like a contradiction. Why would I say one thing is not okay, but another thing just like it is? Well, in the Gospel story today, Jesus dealt with some people who were struggling with rules and regulations, and were making some strange contradictory statements.
You see, Jesus went to the Temple, the church, and he healed someone. There was a woman who was crippled; she couldn’t walk and had been that way for a long time. Jesus touched her and immediately made her better.
Dance Party: Our parking lot is our sanctuary – going against the grain!
In The Sanctuary
Games: while playing games, play music Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
• Face the Gingerbread Man Minute to Win It w/teddy grahams
Begin with a gingerbread man on each person’s forehead. The players have one minute to get the cookie into their mouth using only their facial movements.
• Jingle Bell Rock w/ plastic spoon and jingle bell
Have each challenger place a plastic spoon in their mouth and see how many times they can run around their vehicle for 169 seconds (169 days from today until Jesus’ birthday) with the jingle bell staying in the spoon.
• White Christmas (goes with the healing theme of the tesson) w/ toilet paper rolls
One person stands still while the other wraps them in toilet paper. This game is the best player head to head against another two player team. The team that completely uses their toilet paper first wins. It’s fun to see what method the teams come up with to do this quickly.
Storytime/Message: Mermaid fabric square for each student.
What do you think people mean when they say someone is “going against the grain”?
Say: The grain is the arrangement of fibers in paper, fabric, and even food! The grain is made by a whole bunch of fibers that line up in the same direction. Imagine these markers are fibers. Line up several markers in front of you on a table. Push the fabric all in one direction. Now try to keep the same colors and push in the other direction. It’s hard to do because the grain is only one color in one direction. The grain is too strong!
Say: In our Bible story, the religious leaders said that healing someone on the Sabbath was wrong. It would have been easy for Jesus to go along with the rule. Maybe he could have even come back the next day to help the man. But Jesus is bold. He loved the man more than he loved the easy way. Going against the grain was the right thing to do.
Invite kids to pop their balloons to find out where we’re going in the Bible.
Bible Lesson: Read Mark 3:1-6
Discussion: Would you have been silent? How did the man feel when Jesus had him stand in front of everybody? The man was brave and Jesus was bold. Jesus is bold to do the right thing, so we can be bold to do the right thing.
Prayer: a repeat after me prayer song
Do not be afraid, God is with you, Everywhere you go, God is there. (2x)
Leaving activity/take away: meet the new pastor; birthday blow horns; candy canes; a Christmas card to write in and mail/deliver to boldly tell “Jesus loves you and so do I.”

Bible Story: Jesus Teaches Us To Live Differently
Theme: Jesus is different…so we live differently; Drive-thru pool party
Scriptures: Matthew 5-7
Promotion: Bring your water balloons, water guns, inflatable pools in the back of your truck, or bring nothing, totally up to you. You’ll be able to shoot water or throw the water balloons at your leaders.
I think this lends itself well to a “Drive-Thru” event as opposed to a “Drive-In” event. We could have stations set up through a prescribed path through the parking lot where cars can park and walk to 6 stations spread out for interactive fun with a lesson/message at each, led by McEachern Kids volunteers and their families. You’ll stay in your vehicle as the McEachern Kids leaders will be in pools of water with water
“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

Pool Party – Last station is a DRIVE-THRU POOL PARTY
Take-aways – bubble wands for each child at Bubble station
Here are some station ideas, where we would just need to pair it up with a message of “Living Life Differently” – the messages could be on signs, and they could be reinforced by leaders at each station giving a message:
• Drive By Art Station – Spin Art
• Bear Hunt printed on the parking lot
• Fun Science Experiment – Diet Coke & Mentos
• Dance Station – Learn a dance
• Bubble Station – give out bottles of bubbles to kids as they drive by, and have them blow bubbles
• Water Balloon Game

Bible Story: God delights in His people; God is joyful…so we’re joyful.
Theme: God rejoices in his people, and God’s people praise HIM; Joy is CONTAGIOUS!
Loop Music
Transition to start: Take Me To Church
Pre-service Hospitality: Bubble machines, balloons with Psalm 100 in them, Confetti cannons, beach balls; Registration form – one for each vehicle (to become a paper airplane); balloons with Psalm 100 in them. – one for each kid; registration form
Welcome – Emcee always introduces self and shares something about their family.
Say: Since we’re talking about joy, let’s see if we can pass on joy and laughter!
Make a funny face to the car next to you and see if you can make them laugh because joy is CONTAGIOUS!
Joy is the feeling and calm and peace we experience when we TRUST that…
1. God is who He says He is (creates and gives life)
2. God can do what He says He can do (is with me always)
3. I am who He says I am (A beloved child of God)
Masked Singers & Freeze Dance
Freeze Dance
Happy (with stops)
Finish that tune. Let’s see if you can finish these tunes….I will hum a song and you start singing it/shouting it! Row Row Row Your Boat…. Happy Birthday to you…Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…Jesus loves me…I Have Decided to Follow Jesus…
Dance Party: Amazing Grace (w/American Sign Language motions)
Christians, what do you believe? Apostles Creed (say it with signs & our masked singers)
Beach Ball Joy – Each car uses own blanket/sheet bouncing with beach balls. Place three or four small beach balls on each blanket. Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
Today we will read through parts of the Bible that show us God is joyful. God is joyful about us, for us, and with us. Let’s pop our balloons to find out where we will be reading today from our Bible.
Invite kids to pop their balloons to find out where we’re going in the Bible.
Bible Lesson: Psalm 100
Joy is an awesome gift God gives us. God is joyful, so we can have joy about all the good, fun, exciting, and special things in our lives. When you’re joyful, you can remember that your joy comes from God.
Psalm 100 – Parents read it together. Then we’ll walk through it together.
Storytime/Message (DeDe)
As you go through the Psalm continually ask kids
(1) what is this Psalm telling us about who God is?, (car chat)
(2) what is this Psalm telling us about what God does and (car chat)
(3) what is this Psalm telling us about what God expects of His people and how His people should respond to Him. (car chat)
He is God, He made us, He shepherds us, He is good, He is forever loving, He is faithful.
Have kids notice that it doesn’t just say we should sing and shout to the Lord, but that we should be glad and joyful while doing it. Have kids demonstrate how you could sing joyfully and how you could sing without joy (or feeling).
Say: When we say that God is joyful, so we’re joyful, we don’t mean to say that life will always be happy. What we mean is, our lives have deep roots in joyful things that will never change! All the things you just named are always true.
When we have joyful roots, and spend time with joyful people, we can find God’s joy no matter what’s happening in life. Happiness may depend on our circumstances, but joy is rooted in our faith and friendship with Jesus.
In the book of Nehemiah, when Nehemiah celebrates with the Israelites, he says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength!” (See Nehemiah 8:10.) We can have strength no matter what happens because our joy comes from God’s joy! God is joyful, so we’re joyful.
God’s joy gives us strength, courage, and hope. (Say 3 times; repeat after me)
Know what God’s joy gives me and I can’t just hold it in? Confetti Cannons (give to parking lot leaders)
Prayer – Breath Prayer
Breathe in slowly and deeply as you whisper: Lord, you are God.
And then exhale as you whisper or think: I thank you and praise your name.
Ending Activity: We have some VIPs with us tonight…some Very Important Pops! So we have some very important pops to share with our dads and granddads tonight as you leave.
Leaving activity: Spread Joy to others as we leave the parking lot. We will give each car a balloon and a name and address to bring it to McEachern Saints list compiled by Adult Christian Education lead.

“Share with the Lord’s people.” Romans 12:13