Being from south Louisiana I’m wired for celebration. Serving in weekday preschool ministry for more than 15 years gave me many opportunities to set aside time and space for celebration: Red Day, Wacky Wednesday, Donuts with Dad, etc. Today is Farmer’s Day in my grandson’s preschool class. #flannelup 

Families run smoothly in routine and ritual, so any time I can equip or add a sacred holiday into the memory bank, I’m ready to order confetti cannons in bulk.

Halloween and All Saints’ Day are connected. Celebrating Halloween is a personal, family preference. Becky Kiser in Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus reminds us that for many families, the season of Halloween is their jam. “The day is already set aside; it’s up to us to make it sacred – holy and set apart.” (p. 103). I’m not going to get into a quarrel to celebrate Halloween or not, but I will take advantage of the church’s celebration for All Saints Sunday.

Rev.  Leanne Hadley offers a ritual of writing names on white hearts of those who now live in Heaven. I will extend that this All Saints Sunday with kids and families writing names on paper hearts.

  1. Remembering those we love who now live with Jesus (names on white hearts of people, pets, whomever)

Convo starter: Who in our family is in Heaven? Share how he/she/they lived out their faith that resembles how mom/dad/grandparents model their own faith?

  1. Remembering and being thankful for those who have taught us about Jesus when we were little kids (names on red hearts)

Convo starter: Tell about the people who have loved dad/mom/grandparents to Jesus before the kids were born and now.

  1. Expressions of thankfulness for those who are teaching us about Jesus and helping us grow in our faith right now (names on green hearts)

Convo starter: Tell about who is teaching and loving your child to Jesus NOW.

RESPOND: Write a thank you note to someone mentioned in the conversations 2 and 3.

All Saints Day is a day we can celebrate those who have loved us and are loving us to Jesus well. Who are the saints in your life? Let’s respond with gratitude and tell some stories!

“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.” Psalm 107:2a