The Sunday following Christmas and New Year’s is considered one of the lowest attended services of the year. Plan to make it a special event and promote the daylights out of it just as you would Christmas Eve…WHILE you promote Christmas Eve. We always have guests on this Sunday. This ‘special Sunday’ and the energy it brings can make a world of difference for children new to the program as well as those who are already part of the family.

This will serve as my children’s moment on the New Year’s Sunday.

We will use a blessing from Rev. Steve West’s blog, Musings Of A Musical Preacher. Pastor West serves as the senior pastor of Arab United Methodist Church in Arab, Alabama.

When God made Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden, He put them in charge of taking good care of the earth and naming all the animals.
Ever since then, girls and boys, women and men have enjoyed not only work, but play. God gave us the ability to make games and invest toys to help us enjoy ourselves and enjoy growing in our love for each other.
The tradition of Christmas gifts for children began with magi from the east, who brought the child Jesus three gifts. So today, let us place one hand on our toy. If you don’t have your ‘something’, then place your hand over your heart to remember the love that went into what you got for Christmas. Place your other hand in the air towards heaven.
Let’s remember the one who made us, and gave us hearts and minds that love to have fun, love to share, and love to grow as we play. Let us pray…
(Repeat after me) “Bless our toys, O Lord. Help us be truly grateful for the time you give us to play. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Research about the best and worst attended worship weekends of the year reported by Len Wilson can be found here. Though we place a great deal of emphasis on December, January is looking like a great opportunity to set the table for Christian community.

What have you planned and promoted for your families for the Sundays following Christmas and New Year’s Day?