At Sunday’s Administrative Council meeting, committee chairpersons and staff leads were invited to offer celebration reports. In the midst of all the ‘what ifs’ it felt good to be in a room filled with folks who are cheering on the mission and ministry of the local church. I have never felt more encouraged and optimistic for the bride of Christ.


  1. No matter what’s reported by the local, national, and denominational news agencies, there will always be a remnant of God faithfully living in this world though not of this world. Always. I believe I know how the story of the world ends and God will always be with His people here and beyond in Glory. I’ve got my marching orders. Thank you Bible Study Fellowship study of Revelation.
  2. The local church is an historical organization which has endured more than 2,000 years of chaos, strife, conflict, and the horrors of evil openly hostile to the things and people of Jesus. Yet the Bride of Christ still stands as a critical means of growth for the health of all Christians. So I will serve with all the creativity, gusto, and vigorous joy of one who is saved as if I’m serving my Savior Jesus, because I am. Theologian Krista Bontrager shares, “When you are born into the family of God, the local church is your family. You have a weird uncle, a crazy aunt, and brothers and sisters you didn’t ask for. But these are your people!” Thank you Theology Mom.
  3. I’ve got plenty of stained glass scars, yet I’m still standing. Though sometimes limping or dragging a leg, I keep moving forward. There are saints in Glory who personally outright pushed me modelling a robust faith in Christ like Rowena Stephens, Bev Wing, and Linda LeSeur. I’ll be facing them one day standing alongside Jesus beyond those pearly gates and I fully intend on finding them and hugging them until their eyes pop out. Disappointing them and Jesus is not an option. Thank you Stephen Ministry and Preschool Directors Assn. of North Georgia.
  4. My table just got bigger. I’m now leading Children’s Ministry K5-5th AND Women’s Ministry which offers a much bigger and cohesive family table. When our local church lost two elders due to family circumstances and reappointment mid-summer, our church leaders invited the current staff leadership to take on some of their roles which could offer greater connection and impact through systems and processes. After praying through it for six days with trusted prayer warriors, I didn’t wait to be assigned something, but rather offered to sit at the table for the Women’s Ministry because trusted relationships were already in place, effective systems and processes for communication and leadership could smoothly transition, and language would be similar. In the last month the Lord has provided prayerful leadership in twos for Women’s Bible study in-house and in-neighborhoods with weekly check-in support; the ladies retreat design team has formed, set a date and contracted a location for 2023; marketing efforts have been accelerated supporting book club, the holiday brunch, a heart & cookie exchange in February rather than December; intentional assimilation strategies of high school ladies; and a new Secret Hallelujah Sisters ministry has begun led by a high school gal and a local attorney. There’s still a learning curve, but I’ve joined several closed Facebook groups and I’m reading two books. I can learn what I don’t know. The Lord is alive and active in His local church!

Studying the book of Haggai in the fall of 2020 I heard this prayer, “Lord, give me fresh traction under my feet.” Always appreciating some good, new prayer vocabulary, I’ve been praying ever since, “Lord, give me fresh traction under my feet for discipling families.” 

What does ‘fresh traction’ look like for you?

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” Psalm 51:12