I am known as the Cheetos Police at the Preschool. Each time a child brings Cheetos, any kind, as part of a lunch, the attentive teachers notify me by text there are open Cheetos in the building. To giggles, I wander down the hallway making it known that I can smell Cheetos. As I enter the lunch bunch room, those without Cheetos happily point out the one in possession of the crunchy treat and the excitement is just about too much to bear. As I move closer, I stoop before the giddy preschooler and we meet eye to eye. As the child offers a lone Cheeto to me, I make a huge deal about how I like Cheetos, but I LOVE him/her. At this time, I am usually swarmed by little people holding various small pieces of goldfish and PBJ sandwiches. I stoop before each one and speak words of joy and love.

Psalm 18:35 reads “You give me your shield of victory, and your right hand sustains me; You stoop down to make me great.” Our glorious Creator stoops down to make us significant, much like a grown-up to a preschooler to see what is held in a wee little hand. Is stooping a stance of significance? I believe it is. Jesus stooped and wrote upon the ground in John 8:8 as the teachers of the law and the Pharisees brough the adulterous woman before Him for stoning. He stooped twice in this passage.

Although I’ve heard alot over the last several months about folk’s desire to be heard, I truly believe there lies within each of us a greater desire to be considered and addressed as significant. May I express the significance of others by stooping more this week before my King and His children.