Last night, on national tv, my beloved LSU Tigers whooped up on that precious team of Aggies at the 75th Cotton Bowl. Did I mention that LSU won? Well, they did. College football brings out the fanatic in me. I am an LSU class of ’83 graduate in Political Science with a minor in Greek and Roman history (due to 4 years of college Latin and some strangely entertaining Art Appreciation classes). I paid my own way through college working at a local bank during the day and checking groceries at the A&P grocery store at night and on weekends. I gave blood to pay for my books and parked my 1970 VW beetle on the decline so as to easily start the thing by putting the car in neutral and popping the clutch. It was a dance and a challenge everyday.

Dave Ramsey, of Financial Peace fame, says, “When you are footing the bill, you WILL finish college in 4 years.” He is so right.  My college years were difficult, at times lonely, financially impossible (1 student loan my senior year). But I was on a mission. I wanted the piece of paper. I believed, and still do, that education can re-program one’s future.

Now, I have to admit that although I am a fan, I may not know each player’s name, where they came from, even which team they are playing (Bob now puts this on the fridge for me in August). But I am loyal to the max. I shared a season on land and in buildings with other LSU-Baton Rouge campus students that changed our futures.

It reminds me of the local church. I am also a fanatic for the local church. We come in as individuals with expectations and hope, then we begin to share a season on land and in buildings that will set us on a course of changing our lives and making a difference in the world.

May I put on my purple and gold AND the love of my local church enough to invite others to jump on board. We are supposed to be a team, right?