If ever two words belonged together, it’d be these two: Preschool Worship. Little people just naturally desire to dance before the LORD, assume the many positions of prayer, and respond with freedom and transparency.

Today, I have the honor of sharing a workshop for the North Georgia UMC Conference at Snellville UMC. Anytime I can toot the horn of Jesus for the sake of little people, I am thrilled.

I have my notes on the clipboard and a teacher’s pullbox filled with all kinds of goodies, er I mean tools, to spark ideas for those who’s sweet spot (sugar packets) is little people and Jesus. I even have plastic ice cubes to hand out to anyone who participates in offering other “cool ideas.”

THEN, I wake up early this morning and flip the page on my Transformation Journal devotional and find the topic for this week to be “worship.” Cool!

John 4:1-26 speaks of the unnamed Samaritan woman at the well where Jesus has His longest conversation outlined in the scriptures. Jesus lays it out for her that “the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” (vs 23) Sounds like freedom in worship is the goal. Freedom for my human heart to respond to and connect with the heart of God. Freedom to seek God in an honest and intimate way – not just the external demonstrations, not just the music, not just the offering, not just the order. Reminds me of David. Although David sometimes failed God with disobedient behavior, he clearly expressed his love for God with utter delight and joyful abandonment. Now we’re talking . . . sounds like a preschooler . . . sounds like me.