A lovely colleague asked me “Why Children’s Pastors Conference?” With all the other seminars, conferences, training events, etc. that are now available to professional Christian Educators, why did we tread through the snow and ice storm of the southeast, driving on the one clear lane through Atlanta, to attend CPC 2011 in Orlando?

Lauren from Wesley Chapel responded, “because of the music and the level of excellent speakers. . . oh, and the free stuff I can use as soon as I get back home.” Diane from Mt. Bethel shared, “the inspiration and refreshment to stay up with the upcoming changes in children’s ministry, the church, and the culture. This year, it affirmed that our ministry team is right on target.” These devout Jesus freaks for kids are so right.

For a group of people who dedicate their lives and vocations to being the church on a shoestring, who barter vbs material, who share and borrow, whose offices look like storage sheds with overhead lights, and have a never-ending supply of goldfish . . . CPC treats you like the princes and princesses of the kingdom that you are. We are trusted with the latest research material on how to reach our “congregations,” trusted with access to publishing companies that invite you to play with vbs prototypes, and honored with the highest level of excellence in teaching, speaking, and encouragement.

Having said all that, the reason I choose CPC is . . . I am a better, more confident servant for Christ when I come home. Yep, after a day set aside to sleep and give my brain and body a rest, I am ready to take on the world.   It usually takes me a day to connect with all the folks I met and the workshop leaders who graciously let me into their worlds.  And it usually takes me a month to go through the box of goodies, tools, books, toys, and breakout notes.  I am reminded of my mission to “know God and make Him known.”  The consistency of excellence calls us to make plans to return every year . . . along with the generosity of those who believe in His calling upon my life.

For more information about Children’s Pastors Conference, check out http://www.incm.com