As I’ve been participating in the 90 day reading program of the New Testament at my home church, I’ve found that Paul asks a lot of questions in the book of Romans. I chuckle each time that the answer is, “Absolutely not!” I relate well to folks who speak in exclamation marks.

Anyway, it has gotten me to thinking of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last couple of weeks such as . . .

“What’s for dinner?” asked by Mr. Bob & #1 son. This question used to get me twisted until I read “How To Get Your Husband To Talk To You” and discovered that this one question could just be the way your man begins a conversation. My heart instantly warmed. Today, I am so grateful that it has been on this question alone that a lifetime of communication has begun. It thrills my soul when I have an answer. I do the happy dance, when I don’t have an answer and Mr. Bob or #1 son take care of it.

“This is your life. Are you who you want to be?” by Switchfoot. This is where I’d respond, as the apostle Paul did: “Absolutely not!” But I’m not who I used to be either. I’ve heard this song a million times on the radio, but having just turned the big 5-0, it seemed to be coming through the car speakers in 3-D this week. This I know: I am certainly not who I thought I’d be when I started this trip as an adult. Thanks to the books I’ve read, the people who have loved me, and the repeated surrender to my Savior, Jesus Christ, I’m way better than destiny had planned . . . or so my kids graciously tell me.

“Ever been bit by sheep?” asked an Executive Pastor during a job interview. Absolutely! It has been my experience that sheep bite out of fear. Thus they can be loved on, shepherded, and learn that biting isn’t necessary. However, it has also been my experience that goats will devour anything and everything in their path. HUGE difference between goats and sheep. Check out Matthew 25:31-33

“How are you?” asked a family friend. Several months ago, I would have responded, “Persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” Today, I am blessed beyond belief as the healing continues. I am surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who inspire me and make me laugh my head off. Sweet company, indeed.

“What are you doing today?” asked Baby Girl. Today I get to be a part of a legacy of faith. The 2011 Confirmation class of Hillside UMC, Sixes Rd UMC, and City on a Hill UMC will be coming together this weekend to begin the ride of their lives. For some this will be their first spiritual journey without their folks. For some this will be the weekend they make the most important decision of their lives to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. For some, especially those who I had the honor to teach in preschool so many years ago, they will see a Jesus freak before them again with a very familiar voice. For them all, an environment has been prayerfully and excellently prepared so that they “Ride Majestically! Ride Triumphantly! Ride on the side of Truth! Ride for the Righteous Meek!” Psalm 45:3,4