Some dates just mean more than others. Tomorrow is April 1st and memory lane is right where I am headed . . .

April 1, 1984 – Bob and I are in our first year of marriage and he was totally surprised that I’d tape the sink sprayer to come on to share our first April Fool’s Day as a married couple. Don’t feel sorry for him…he gets me back.

April 1, 1985 – Bob calls me at the bank to meet him downstairs and bring the office staff.  He wants to show us the new sports car that Ford just rolled off the line at the dealership he was working at. He was test driving it and wanted to show it off to me and the whole office staff. We waited a good 20 minutes in the lobby before someone made the comment that this might not be what it seemed.

April 1, 1995 – We get word to prepare to head down to Atlanta from New England . .. Bob’s dad is not doing well. The prostrate cancer has won.

April 1, 1997 – We get the phone call that we are headed to Atlanta in a company transfer. I am doing the happy dance to head back south where you can readily get grits, Rotel tomatoes, and Duke’s Mayonnaise.

April 1, 2005 – The worst day of my life and the best day of my life…from 1am-3am, I sit in the presence of my sweet Jesus as He takes two whole hours to gather the spirit of my Daddy and take him to his Heavenly Home.

April 1, 2011 – I begin a new journey as the Children’s Ministry Director at Wesley Chapel UMC in Marietta…Easter is just around the corner and I’ve got myself a brand new calendar with lots of white space. I am most excited about the new people I am about to meet and share life with. So, beginning tomorrow, I will begin to blog on my First 100 Days as a Children’s Ministry Director. The most loving people have already surrounded me at Waleska UMC (where I’ll still be serving as Weekday Preschool Director) and Hillside UMC (where I’m still loved on as one of their own) and now at Wesley Chapel UMC (where the prayer team has so graciously begun to pray for me and my family.)

I’m reminded of the children’s hymn we sang in chapel this week . . .”What a mighty God we serve, What a might God we serve, Angels bow before Him, Heaven and earth adore Him, What a mighty God we serve.” Don’t forget to do the motions, now.