Yesterday was my first day taking on the new role as a Children’s Ministry Director and it was fabulous.

First day goals:
1. Get to know the Admin, who we all know knows everything and everybody (I brought her Starbucks, we shared stories, we laughed alot)

2. Write down what is already on the calendar from now through end of the year (read through every 2010 Sunday bulletin to familiarize myself with special events and routines of the the #1 used communication tool of every church)

3. Locate all the bathrooms (hey, I’m over 40)

High? The head of trustees showed me how to use a “wall-moving-handle” to move walls, and the email/facebook blessings from friends old and new.

Low? Pictorial directory photo taken with Mr. Bob at 6pm. Anita Renfroe speaks truth when she says that women want one thing and one thing only before they die: one good picture.

I’ll be sharing my first Children’s Moment tomorrow. I hope I don’t trip on the carpet coming up front.