Submitted my first newsletter articles, plugged the laptop into the ethernet (doing it old school), and sent emails for 3 upcoming meetings. I know, 3 meetings seem a bit excessive, but Easter and VBS planning are just around the corner and I have a new calendar with a lot of white space.  I forgot that it takes a while to set up a whole slew of new email contacts and contact lists.  It helps to do these tasks with music.

Moving the desk to face the door will help with peripheral distractions, and hanging up some “DeDe items” have gotten the creative juices flowing. I’ll look for the vacumn tomorrow.

I got my first visitors today. Pastor came by a couple of times to pray with me, encourage me, and help set the most immediate priority items. The fabulous Mrs. V stopped by to show me another printer (the one I used yesterday took 50 minutes to print out a blank calendar) and tell me the names of the custodians, who whisked by in their cleaning frenzy. And the son of my predecessor sat and visited a while. He misses his Mom, but is very excited about his own upcoming move. He’s tired of eating Ramen noodles.

The homefront always takes a backseat in the brain when a new endeavor is begun, so Bob & I made new supper arrangements for Mondays. Sure enough, I came home to find hot, cajun beans, steak fries, and doctored hamburgers. Scrumptious!

I’ll be breaking out the crockpot tomorrow.