Spent a short day in the office due to networking luncheon and afternoon bible study.

Today I sent out a couple more emails and discovered where the shop vac is located. Also found out that I should carry my cell phone with me every time I get into the elevator. Now I just have to load the fire station’s phone number in my cell. Just one more reason to plan to take the stairs – good exercise, for sure.

Went to networking luncheon today (love those ladies.) The question to discuss this month was “With the bible, volunteers/fellow servants, and congregational support as givens, what 3 items are the absolutely must-haves to do efficient ministry?” The following are the responses shared:

Knowledge…of what is developmentally appropriate for little people
Freedom…to be creative, to interpret curriculum
Space…usable and flexible (some have offices, some do not; just because the space is considered “multi-use,” it really means the space is used by a lot of people, so don’t move anything)
Laptop/Computer…most efficient means of communication
Big Towel…can use as a blanket for a picnic, a cover for a sick little person, clean up a mess, cover a hot slide
Ball…helps to take turns, gets the wiggles out, start a game
Prayer…just one more reason to have a prayer team
Projector…for churches that do large group
Dedicated private space and dedicated private time…necessary to get and keep the creative juices flowing and hear the Holy Spirit
A Budget… to know what is real and be able to make seasonal decisions

I would like to add another…Goldfish.