YAY! I got my first message today. The fab Mrs. V handed me a handwritten note with, not 1, but 2 phone messages. People are finding out that I’m here and calling me at the church. Now I’m bonafide.  How cool is that!

OH, and I had a little person visit with a gift wrapped in aluminum oil – freshly baked Hummingbird Cake. My first gift, directly from the hands of a precious little boy, who has a kind and generous Mama. I found #1 son standing over the loaf at 10pm last night with a fork. How wonderful is that!

Sent in my first bulletin announcement and asked that it run for 2 weeks, so it takes the pressure off of having to restate information weekly. If I keep an updated calendar (now through December), I should be able to only publish information for the newsletter quickly and easily once a month AND provide bulletin information every other week. Communication is the the most time consuming of office hours, so we’ll try this schedule and see if it proves efficient.

I find that it is better to use office hours to build relationships, especially in the beginning of a new endeavor: pray, visit, chit-chat, ask questions, write notes (like the one that’ll go out in the mail today thanking a new friend for that delicious Hummingbird Cake.)

There were several times yesterday I wished I could have rung a “glory” bell, so I made a quick stop at Staples on my way home.

Do you hear it dinging? Well, it is.