Introduced myself to the copier yesterday. I understand that it does everything, from punching holes to stapeling. We only made one-sided copies just to get to know one another.  We’ll do something more challenging next week.

Began to pray for my first, upcoming Children’s Council meeting that will take place next week. These lovely women have been the backbone and the faces of the ministries to children alongside the previous director and during this transition time. I pray that they will be fearless and bold in using their gifts and graces to champion the things they love for the children they love.  I pray that they will see me as a resource and a champion for each one as they captain their particular passions.  I pray they don’t say “yes” to everything, but only those things they desire to captain.  I pray they don’t say “no” to everything because they are weary.  And I pray they will let me be their friend in the Lord.

If the Sabbath is the day that is set apart, Fridays are my Sabbath.  I wake not to an alarm, but to a dog that need to goes out .  I do laundry (it’s quiet.)  I cook for my family (tonight is homemade Quiznos and potato salad.)  I may have lunch with a girlfriend (today I had lunch with my first Netflix download.)  I read (I discovered YEARS editions of Children’s Ministry magazine on the bookshelves, so I brought home every edition for June/July to give me ideas and to share with the Children’s Council meeting this week.)  I pray.  I take a walk.  I rest. Oh, and I stay in my pajamas as long as possible and drink tea from the biggest cup in the cupboard.  And I bake cookies.