The Children’s Moment today was based on John 11’s story of Jesus being a great friend. I had a picture of my first prayer partner and precious friend, Chantal, to show as I shared how she is a good friend to me. I then had my old, huge picture of Jesus (which only cost me $5 to purchase, but 6 months to get because the store had to place a minimum order of some $1,000 with the company), to explain that Jesus was a good friend to Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. Then off to lead my first Children’s Church. I was so grateful that a mom followed to help since whoever was the helper did not arrive. The children really want to play and there is a play kitchen in the hallway that hasn’t yet been put together. I’ll be bringing my screwdriver and pulling that baby out tomorrow. I will plan to put some new “play” items in the room this week for the week to follow. We made a tomb from a styrofoam cup, a toilet paper wrapped-pipecleaner Lazarus, and a paper stone. Craft on a budget, but they got the story for sure. One of the older boys shared that he’s going to be a preacher when he grows up and he’s already read the bible through one time. He’s also memorized Genesis 1:1 and John 3:16. I think he’s on his way.

After worship, I attended my first brainstorming meeting for an outreach event that is being planned in the fall. The instructions were to bring your own lunch and drinks would be provided. I think I was the only one who brought a sandwich. Note to self . . . pick up some Luna bars from Target this week to keep in desk so as not to be so conspicuous eating lunch when nobody else does next time. The names of the movers and shakers were now matched with faces. I look forward to sharing life with these faithful servants of the church.

Hugs are fabulous. Some people are shakers, some are smilers, some are nodders, and some are huggers. I love them all, but to get hugs from some lovely women who express how glad they are that I am there just fills one’s tank like nothing else. And I was asked to give a Mama a ride home following the meeting . . . I think I have a new friend in the Lord. She makes me smile.