Headed out early today to do some dashboard research which really means that I did some googling of the church zipcodes (one side of the street is one zipcode, the other side is another,) and I drove around trying to get myself lost for a couple of hours. It lets me see what’s in the neighborhood as far as nursing homes, rehab centers, children’s parks, and Starbucks go.

I found one elementary school, but was really looking for another. Discovered that it might be a good idea to add “school” to the parent’s night out information forms. I also discovered that within a few miles you can cross into 3 different counties which makes it really interesting when the only address information in the file doesn’t have a city. I knew that the church’s Jerusalem was great, but good grief!

I also discovered that I can contact PTAs directly online at some of the local elementary schools to volunteer for career day (got shaving cream, goldfish, and flannel boards, will travel) and perhaps take a day a month to provide some goodies in the teacher’s lounges (do teachers still have lounges?  … well they should.) Made a note on the calendar for August.

Also had first staff lunch and got some table time with everyone which was great. We had calendars out and got to share stories and laugh a lot. Got the run down on how Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, 5th Sundays, Communion Sundays, and Mother’s Day roll.

The worship leader had an extra printer in his office (all churches seem to have computer equipment just sitting all over the place) and I loaded the software all by myself. It’s the first time I loaded anything onto the laptop and I must say, Mr. Bob would be very proud. It’s Monday . . . can’t wait to see what my menfolk have prepared for dinner.