If Sunday is “game day” in the local church, then Easter Sunday is the “Super Bowl.” This is the day that the local church prepares to celebrate for themselves and prepares for company. When we prepare for company at the Reilly’s we vacumn, clean the bathrooms, re-pot the flowers in the front porch boxes, and basically, clean up ourselves and our space. The same has been happening all around our church home for the last couple of weeks.

We also cook yummy goodies, so the oven has been busy baking blueberry muffins for our little people that’ll be coming to children’s church. And thanks to a quick morning trip to Michael’s, we’ll be decorating sticky butterflies with beautiful tissue paper representing the many colors of God’s world.

Goodies and take-away bags have been filled with jelly beans and a take-home bookmark with information about 3 upcoming family events are ready to passed out, as well:  next Parent’s Night Out, Mom’s Night Out at Nicky’s Diner for Dessert, and the June dates for Vacation Bible School.

Laugh of the week: At Parent’s Night Out, we served our young guests a snack dinner similar to what Jesus would have had with his buddies at the last supper: flat bread, cheese, grapes, white grape juice, and saltine crackers (ok, so I didn’t go to seminary and I never professed to be a biblical historian, but it looks and sounds good). One kindergartener was overheard sharing with his friend, “No wonder Jesus was so skinny.”