Resurrection Sunday was beautiful in weather, in dress, and in spirit. A long day indeed that is difficult to prepare for. Note to self for next year: Way too many things going on to truly enjoy…a song just started in my head “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

Without judgement, I might suggest that if an egg hunt is a non-negotiable tradition, perhaps moving it to another day and time would prove to be more purposeful. Perhaps moving the egg hunt to Palm Sunday instead, or making it a community outreach event and placing it on a Palm Sunday Saturday could give it some specific purpose and more hands can be involved.

I have never engaged in an egg hunt at church and found myself feeling odd about it. I think my odd feeling came from not knowing the purpose of it.

Wise ministry professionals have taught me that before you invite the gifts and graces of God’s people to be shared in an event outside of their first ministry, their family, there must be a clear purpose. With a clear purpose, folks feel a calling to be answered and the fruit of such labors can be measured. Fruit is always measurable and all must be done to the glory of God.

Many things are good, alot of things are great, but only a few are the best to provide an appropriate movement of limited resources. When I say resources, I mean time, energy, enthusiasm, and finances. Just a thought.

On to recruiting for vacation bible school and a summer where regular servants in Children’s Ministry can be given a time of jubilee to rest and recuperate. Hoping to get some time in May to prayerfully determine what that will look like.