I’ve been reading “Teacher: The Henrietta Mears Story.” This biography was given out as a take away at the Gospel Light’s breakout sesson at January’s Children’s Pastors Conference.

For a progressive thinking woman in 1928, she came to set the stage for a movement in Sunday School in Hollywood, of all places.  Her influence on Billy Graham, Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), and others instrumental in the discipleship of God’s people has earned her a place in the “saints who have gone before us.”   Check out some of her writings . . .

“How seldom the Sunday School teacher is asked for his credentials! A public school teacher is not questioned as to whether he will teach but rather, can he teach. Our request in securing Sunday School teachers is invariably, ‘Will you take a class?’ And good-natured men and women, much against their wills, answer, ‘I will keep the class going until you can find someone else.’ If a math teacher is absent, can you imagine the principal going out in the neighborhood, ringing doorbells and asking a housewife, ‘Will you come over and take a class in mathematics because the regular teacher is sick?’ Absurd! He notified the superintendent’s office of this need, and a trained person comes.'”

“Will you stop looking at your problems and wringing your hands in despair? Faith and despair cannot remain in the same heart. Take your choice; trust God or worry. You cannot really do both.”

In her research into teaching methodologies and the available curriculum of the 1920’s led her to describe the Bible as “the most poorly taught book in the world.” Where was the action, the color, the truth, the depth? Where was the passion to know an ever-living, all-powerful, all-amazing Christ?

“I think of Jesus as vital, alert, enthusiastic-full of zest and zeal. So much emphasis is placed on the suffering and dying Christ – and certainly that is essential – but rarely do we see paintings or hear sermons that reflect the vitality of Christ’s personality and life He wants us to have. Christ is the ideal leader – men leave their professions, their homes, their companions to follow Him. He inspired them to do their best, to be their hightest self. Jesus must have been a physically vibrant person, radiating energy and confidence, mental alertness and interest in everything about Him. Think of Him being able to speak to a crowd of many thousands of people without a microphone! See Him walking through cities, His head high, His shoulders thrown back, bursting with good will, kindness, courage and faith! No wonder the multitudes followed Him!”

I’m only on page 52. Can I get an Amen?