Shaking hands with folks during the “meet and greet your neighbor” minute of a Sunday worship service offers precious face time with people who are faithful to join in worship to a Savior we all share. But it doesn’t hold a candle to seeing the gifts shining on His behalf when people gather for a few short hours to welcome children into the local church.

I have been shaking hands with some fabulous people on Sunday mornings since April. But I have shared life and seen the gifts of others shine on Christ’s behalf so brightly in the last week and a half that I couldn’t have anticipated. These are just a few of my discoveries:

– When people wear panda ear headbands, they begin to raise their hands in worship and praise.
– A soft voice from one who LOVES His Word can captivate the attention of even the most rambunctious of little boys
– A kind word of inclusion will break down the walls of fear
– The environment and decorated space matters for children AND adults
– When 2 or more servants decked out in all their black and white regalia go to dinner afterwards, they can make a table waiter’s night
– Just because someone always has an opinion doesn’t mean that it or they translate into action
– Just because someone doesn’t have an opinion could mean that they are ready for the task, purposeful in their preparation, and completely engaging with every child they meet
– Rain is just weather and will not keep folks from doing what they need to do
– VBS is not a chick thing, but a “called disciple” thing
– Preschoolers just make me happy because they are naturally charismatic
– Men in VBS bring an element of inclusion like nothing else

Seeing the gifts of others poured out onto children are a drink offering as unto the LORD.  May I be found faithful in saying “thank you” to a God who gifts us all differently.  And may I also be found faithful in expressing to each and every servant that their very presence has been the perfect visual that “God is WILD about every child.”