What is the real purpose of having spiritual traditions and memories? Well, for one thing, it’s fun! But the main reason is to help us understand who we are, what we believe, and what makes our family unique. Traditions perform a vital function in a family because they give us identity. Traditions are a way of saying, “This is what we believe and how we are different from everyone else.”

Anything can become an important spiritual tradition to your kids at any time. Scripture tells us to “Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will direct your paths.” My part is to acknowledge Him in ALL our way. His part is to direct the path.

Reserving a night exclusively for family is a great way you can prioritize what is of value in your life and at the same time teach your children and profess to your community lessons and skills that can strengthen your family’s faith. Once you pick a night, guard it. Even turning off all phones will set an example for the family that this night is a priority. If there is a community or school activity that some of the family members can’t miss make that event the family activity and include all the family members.

A friend shared with me that to move the family night required permission from all family members. He also shared…”expect flack, but ride it out.” What do you do? Let each member pick an activity and then assign it a night. Here are some ideas – if bad language or selfishness has been a problem, plan an activity on the subject and a round table discussion; learn magic tricks, do puzzles, board games, family dinner/cooking, visit historical areas nearby and learn local or family history (While you are teaching your family to love their God, teach them to love their country,) plan to visit nearby mountains, lakes, caves, plant a tree, gather shells, go bird watching, take a walk/bike ride, go camping on Red Top Mountain, fly kites, go to the neighborhood pool, rent a movie, practice our fire escape plan (we go over this every time the time changes), make a survival kit, make a list of emergency numbers, take a CPR class, the sky’s the limit.