As a wise pastor shared when my children were very young, “Ministry begins in the family.” Trust that as our children reach ages 10-12, you are not only their parent, but their spiritual mentor, as well. Know that God wants you to be prepared to be the spiritual mentor you are to be. But also know that God cannot use you if you stay mad at yourself all the time, criticizing yourself for not being the perfect mother, father, daughter, wife or person. You can’t think that “it’s too late.”

If I am impressed by the Word of God, I will impress my children with it. I will put it into their minds in such a way that it makes an indelible impression upon those children forever and ever. Such children will never let the Word of God fall to the ground. Does this make us have perfect children or make us the perfect parents? Far from it! I’m not even a good one some days, ask my kids. I am absolutely nothing without the love of Jesus – no longer the Jesus of the flannel board, but the Jesus of God’s Word. You are qualified to be a spiritual parent, and He’s given us the handbook to do it.

I’ll close with this passage from THE PARENT WARRIOR written by Karen Scalf Linamen, “I used to think how wonderful it would be to have perfect children. Now I know how much they would miss by being too good. I don’t want perfect children: I want something far better for them than that! I want them to know the power of the Holy Spirit, to feel God’s hand of change in their lives, and to recognize the depth of their need for the blood of Jesus Christ. I want them to know the power of renewal.”

3 John 1:4 reads, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” May your children walk in truth and trust that God will bless your efforts.