I serve alongside an amazing group of ladies who make up our Children’s Council. We typically meet each month. This year the agenda is made up of a chapter in “The Prayer Coach,” evaluation of what we have just finished, evaluation of what we are in the midst of, and the planning of what is coming up on the calendar. We open in prayer and we close in prayer. We go home and I send out minutes the following week.

This month will be different.

On Christmas Eve our pastor announced the theme for our church for 2012 based on 1 Corinthians 3:16, “Let the Spirit of God grow in you.” Understanding that all things of value are measurable, it’s time to evaluate. Personal spiritual evaluation can’t take place in a meeting. So, I have shared below how our October meeting will go.

Good Morning Faithful Servants of Wesley Chapel,

We had a regularly scheduled meeting for this Wednesday. However, unless there is something that we can’t discuss through email, I’d like to take this Wednesday’s meeting time and not meet together in person, but ask that we all take time that day/evening to reflect on the ministry God has called us to at Wesley Chapel.

As our theme this year has been to “Let the Spirit of God grow in you,” please take a few moments on Wednesday and see if that is the case. This time last year, you were “here” regarding your bible reading time, your closeness with Christ, your faithful prayer life, your service experiences, your spiritual relationships. Where are you now, one year later?

As a fellow Mom, I can attest to the adage, “The days may seem to last forever, but the years fly by.” It is as true of the lives of our children, as it is our own spiritual journey.

So, as we will not meet this Wednesday, please take 30 minutes and write it down, journal, meditate on where you are today, where we are today as a council/small group, where your kids are today in comparison to last fall.

Then for the next 30 minutes, prayerfully consider where you’d like to be next fall and set some measurable, intentional spiritual goals. The accountability of writing them down will help to provide some momentum. Sharing this journey with you is a joy and if we can share some accountability among each other, I am all in.

Baby Girl, although she just turned 25 years old on this earth, she will be 19 years old in the Lord on October 18th. We go through this process each year. We talk of how she has grown in her faith. We talk about how she plans to grow in her faith by setting spiritual goals for the next year. And I’ll be looking for a gift that is “round” to mail with her Spiritual Birthday package mid October, because God is all around His people  (Psalm 125:2). #1 Son’s Spiritual Birthday is in April. I  have to take him out to dinner to get his undivided attention. The food is good, but the tradition is even better.

I love you all and can’t wait to hear what God reveals to you,


How are you measuring your Spiritual Walk?