Vacation Bible School season is one of my favorites of the year. June and July are truly Kingdom-building months.  The Leadership Luncheon is a great way to kick it off and let the ones totally sold out (like this church lady) get a jump start on what to expect and plan.

This year we will be having 2 vacation bible schools: a night time in June and a 3-day daytime in July. The night time will be Kingdom Rock published by Group Publishing. My servant leaders find it very leader friendly and it does a great job of addressing all the learning styles of students and servant leaders.

Post cards to invite everyone to the Leadership Luncheon went out 3 weeks ago to everyone who served last year, all the retired folks on our church roster, and all the families.

Lunch will be PB&J sandwiches cut out with Chessmen Cookiescastle cookie cutters found at Wally World in Orlando at the CPC conference, fruit kabobs Castle Cookie Cutterson sword toothpicks, and Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies.

The Confirmation class will be setting up the room with gold table cloths, paper plates, cups, and napkins. The tables will be set with colored balloons for the table centerpieces.

KingdomRockColorLogoFor fun we put together a Royal Bible Quiz that included the following items with tshirts to the winners:

Royal Bible Quiz

1. What woman’s name is translated “princess?” (Genesis 11-25)

Diana      Sarah      Deborah      Bathsheba

2. Who was the first King of Jerusalem? (1 Samuel 10:1)

David      Og      Abraham      Saul

3. Which is the first Queen mentioned by name in the Bible? (1 Kings 10:1)

Sarah      Tahpenese      Sheba      Esther

4. Which King danced half-naked in public? (2 Samuel 6:16)

Solomon      David      Joash      Hezekiah

5. What was the fate of evil Queen Jezebel? (2 Kings 9:30-37)

She was thrown off a high place     Trampled by a horse
Eaten by dogs             Died a natural death
All of the above           None of the above

6. Which King ate grass like an animal for 7 years? (Daniel 4:25-32)

Ahab      Nebuchadnezzar      Ahaz      Artaxerxes

7. Which King did God say was a man after His own heart? (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22,26)

Solomon      Samuel      David      Paul

8. Which King wrote Psalm 23? (Psalm 23)

Ahaz      Paul      David      Samuel

9. Who encouraged Queen Esther to do the right thing? (Esther 1-9)

Haman      Artaxerxes      Holy Spirit      Mordecai

10. Nehemiah was the cup bearer to which King? (Nehemiah 1:11, 2:1)

Artaxerxes I      Nebuchadnezzar      Ahab      Pharoah

11. Who was 8 years old when he became King, and reigned in Jerusalem 31 years and did what was right in the sight of the Lord? (2 Kings 22:1)

Ahab      Hezekiah      Josiah      Jehoiachin

12. Who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? (1 Timothy 6:14-15, Revelation 17:14, 19:16)

Jesus      Jesus      Jesus       Jesus

And we’ll give everyone a chance to make a crown to wear in June to help publicize the event.

Gotta go…on my way to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree for goodies!

“Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” Isaiah 26:4