There is so much going on in my head today. Let’s just start there:

The 2013 Confirmation Season is finished and we experienced 50% participation in almost 50% of what took place. The time and energy and resources that were involved are almost like pulling off a vacation bible school for 5 months. I love it…but 50%? Recapping what is experienced, taught, and shared, I have to look at the wins. These are the wins: New retreat based on Micah 6:8, additional late night, active involvement of 2 more churches, additional element of worship art, active involvement of confirmation alumni, and 50% participation. The measure of success comes from the “after”: who/which families are continuing to choose active faith development in the (any) local church one year later: Over the last 2 years, we can say 70%. I feel like the girl in the commercial, “We want more! We wathinking-picnt more!”

A Church Nursery is a deal-breaker or a non-issue for new and visiting families. Our goal is that it is a non-issue. Best vehicle to do that? train for unity. Stop the baby sitting and start the baby loving. A Mom once shared that she knew her baby was loved when “I see lipstick kisses on her forehead and she smells like her caregiver’s perfume.” Faith of little people begins on the floor…and the forehead. That’s what I’m talking about!

Vacation Bible School supplies have taken over the hallway outside my office. We’re doing two. One as always, 5 nights, last week of June. But in response to last fall’s reading of “Deep & Wide,” we’ll be taking what we already do well, change the date and time, and the audience can more easily change. we are offering a 3-day daytime VBS for community outreach and as a vehicle to train our youth to lead VBS and grow beyond helpers. I am hearing more and more movement to move VBS from a Children’s Ministry-only endeavor to a partnership with a church’s Missions and Evangelism Committees. That makes this gal downright giddy! 6 months of time and resource investment for 10 hours. A good investment? Oh, yeah!

North Georgia United Methodist Church Conference Discipleship Team on-going continuing education opportunity to offer a certification, or whatever we can call it, to give tools to those hired from the pew into professional ministry. Supported by the Conference, championed by influential clergy, and implemented by those who have had a taste of it. Lunches, teas, Skype, car rides, late Thinking Womannight events, phone calls, emails, blogs, hallway meetings…all for the cause of implementing a top notch continuing education program that empowers, teaches, builds relationships, and shares resources so that local staff hired from the pew can experience the thrill of personal and professional discovery. Collaboration abounds, but I am so ready to get this ball rolling, that I about can’t sleep. I am consumed with waving the banner to equip lay people called and tapped by their local churches to move beyond paid volunteers into professional ministry.

#1 Son and our Daughter-in-Love have started premarital counseling and considering wedding dates.  They love a certain month, but those weekends have been booked for me for months.  I’m making phone calls to get some items shuffled.  He’s already told me that no matter what, they’ll be coming home for supper twice a week.  Grin.  SO excited to see the face and get to know the heart of the one I’ve been praying for since he was a little boy.

What’s going on in your head?

“I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down.” Nehemiah 6:3